What Men Want From Women: 10 Characteristics They Look For

You must have asked yourself at least once, “What’s going on in his head?” Knowing what your partner expects of you is crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship. But getting into a man’s head is often not so easy. They can be very closed to everyone, so figuring out their preferences can seem like navigating a rather complex maze.

But fear not ladies – here is a list of what men want from women that will help you understand your partner better.

1. Looks are (almost) everything


Let’s cut to the chase – men are all about aesthetics (at first). Men indeed appreciate beauty very much and, in turn, they can forget about everything else. So if you want to impress on your next date, be sure to do anything that plays on your natural beauty. Take all the time you need to apply makeup; wearing a beautiful elegant dress and chic heels. Your date will greatly appreciate the effort.

However, keep in mind that the beauty effect wears off after a while and men start to demand more from their partners. They realize that attraction based on looks alone won’t get them very far.

2. Be independent

A strong man naturally wants a strong woman by his side. When he sees a reliable woman who goes out of her way to achieve her goals, he sees someone he can trust. And confidence means everything to a man.

Being able to go through life with an equal partner is crucial for independent men. He wants someone to make important life decisions with, a partner who can contribute greatly to the relationship (and yes, that means financially too).

3. Communication is key

Apart from other things, what men want from women is open communication. No, he can’t read your mind, and you can’t read his either, which is perfectly fine. Both of you should make a real effort to communicate your likes and dislikes.

Whether you like him taking you out for a nice dinner or don’t like him staying up all night, always say how you feel. Extend it to the bedroom as well. Being comfortable and satisfying each other’s sexual desires is a crucial aspect of most relationships – and neither can be achieved without communicating.

4. Affection


Yes, your big strong guy sometimes just needs to fall into your arms and be loved. Maintaining that “nothing can affect me” image is tough, so all he needs is a big comforting hug after a long day.

Also, openly showing and giving affection is even more important when he is going through a difficult time in his life. Being able to count on your emotional support can have a very reassuring effect on him.

5. He wants your support in his endeavors

In the modern world, men feel a lot of pressure to succeed, to leave a legacy. This pursuit can get extremely exhausting, but your support can help keep it pushing.

He needs you to understand his need to succeed. Plus, he needs to know that you trust him to make the right decision at the right time. After all, he’s trying to make it for both of you.

6. Positivity

Imagine coming home to a dark atmosphere with a stormy cloud hanging over your head. Not a very pleasant situation, is it? What men want from women is simple: be positive.

Men want a woman they can enjoy their life with. Going out, having fun, trying new things are all important to him. More importantly, a positive person will motivate him to be a better version of himself. He will think of all possible ways to make you happy and your relationship will grow.

Now, that doesn’t mean you’re forbidden to be in a bad mood. We all hit the wall sometimes, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s just that, with a positive outlook, those clouds won’t be there permanently.

7. Friendliness


This one is pretty simple – he wants someone he’s compatible with. Unsurprisingly, the nicer you are, the easier it is to build that compatibility with your partner.

He wants a relationship that flows, where neither of you has to work very hard to maintain the relationship. Being nice makes him believe he can approach you with anything and you can get through it together.

Of course, honesty is always the best policy. Saying when you disagree is essential – after all, you can’t agree on everything. However, quickly finding solutions that work for both of you is a major asset in his eyes.

8. He wants to be worshiped

A lot of men give off a vibe they don’t care about. What you think of their appearance or the way they dress is just irrelevant to them, right? Fake!

He needs your compliments on everything. It can be a compliment for cooking a delicious dinner or fixing something in the yard. Men need compliments but will do everything possible to avoid them.

But the truth is that they want to be noticed as much as women do. So, ladies, shower your men with compliments on everything they do, and they’ll love you even more.

9. Be a good listener

This is probably the trait that is most overlooked. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to constantly listen to him talk without giving your opinion. Being a good listener means you can understand where it’s coming from.

Opening up is how he connects with you, so knowing he can say anything and you’ll try to understand is very reassuring for him. Feeling that he may be vulnerable in front of you is fundamental to building a strong relationship.

10. Creativity

Finally, what men expect from women is an abundance of creativity. Switching things up is a major move to keep your relationship from going stale. Surprise him with a weekend getaway, cook a meal you’ve never done before – anything you don’t do on a daily basis.

Just like spicing things up in the kitchen, spicing things up in the bedroom is just as important. Don’t become complacent. Otherwise, sex will become something neither of you will fully enjoy. So surprise him with some sexy lingerie, experiment with some role-playing, keep things interesting, and you’ll see your relationship reach new heights.

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