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Tips for choosing and buying a monitor


Our tips for buying a monitor will help you choose the model that best suits your preferences and needs. There are monitors for all budgets and with viewing technologies of different quality, and of course, you can choose the screen diagonal you prefer

size in inches

when we go to buy a monitorif we want to adjust the budget to the maximum, it is best to look at the range of monitors that start from a 21 inch minimumwith the possibility of arriving until 23 depending on the available offers.

If we jump to 24 inches there is usually a price jumpand if we have a budget (and space, of course), those of 27 inches are excellent for not depriving yourself of anything.

inch display

In general, if the use that we are going to give to the computer is normal (that is, it does not replace the television in a room), with 21.5 inches we will have more than enough to comfortably enjoy the operating system and any program.


Closely linked to the size of the screen we find the resolution. If we seek to obtain the highest possible sharpness (especially with films), we must look for models with resolution Full HDthis is, 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

Full HD resolution

On the contrary, if this is not an aspect that worries us excessively, going down a bit we will also go server, but it is usually worth the additional outlay (especially the bigger the screen).

The most powerful models already come with even higher resolutions, perfect for tasks of graphic design.

Panel type: IPS, LED or LCD?

Another factor that will affect the quality of viewing when it comes to buy a monitor is the type of technology and panel including. LED is preferable to LCDboth for promoting lower energy consumption and for better representation of colors and less eye strain, since they are backlit and the light does not fall directly on the eyes with equal intensity.

On the other hand, if the monitor has IPS-panel the jump in fidelity is considerable, even if it costs more. They are clearly superior to the type TN+Film (still the most used), and we also find other superior evolutions such as super pls (Plane-to-Line Switching), developed by Samsung, more expensive but with more realistic levels of brightness and sharpness.


The connections available are essential when it comes to choose and buy a monitor. As of today, it is essential that they have at least one entry HDMI, fully digital and currently the one that provides the best quality, as well as being the most used by new electronic devices. Another alternative to HDMI and of similar quality, although less widespread, is display port.

If we want to enjoy compatibility with less recent devices, it is interesting that they have other types of connections such as DVI (digitalbut worse than HDMI) and VGA (analog). Thus, the ideal would be for our new monitor to have at least one HDMI and one other DVI or VGA port.


On the other hand, both HDMI and DisplayPort have “mini” variants (which can cause us to have to resort to adapters or just the opposite), and if the monitor incorporates MHL port (Mobile HD Link) will facilitate the connection of compatible mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Another interesting aspect, although less frequent outside the high-end range, is that some USB port to be able to connect external memories or some type of peripheral.

Finally, if the monitor includes integrated speakerswe will also have some audio mini jack to be able to use it with headphones or even connect another external sound source.

Interpret brightness and contrast levels

The level of glow of the monitor is indicated in cd/m2and the minimum value to which we should aspire in order not to sacrifice quality are 250.

As for the contrastmanufacturers usually indicate the dynamic (or artificial), but it is the real contrast that is truly decisive. Below 1,000:1 the user experience suffers.

Also, if we plan to play video games, the response time It must be low so that the moving images do not leave much trail (minimum 5 milliseconds).

Until recently you had to pay special attention to these three values, but in general modern monitors already start from an acceptable minimum and only influence if we opt for buy a monitor high end.

Touch screen and 3D

Windows 8 bet decisively on the touch controland although being able to operate the monitor with our hands has its advantages, it is still a technology that makes the final price more than desirable. For this reason, unless it is something that cannot be waived, when buying a monitor we will opt for a traditional one.

touch monitor

Something similar happens with the alleged 3D revolution. Its acceptance has been very low and it has barely finished starting, being also an aspect that has too much impact on the money to be disbursed and that is hardly used.

Therefore, it is better to allocate the euros required by the tactile and the three dimensions to improve other types of featuressuch as brightness or size.

In the case of choosing a touch monitor, it is recommended that it have at least ten simultaneous pressure points and recognition of advanced gestures (similar to those of a smartphone or tablet, for example).

Attention to ergonomics

to end our tips for choosing and buying a monitorit is convenient to look at the possibilities of inclination of its base, to enjoy full ergonomics and be able to work in a comfortable position. They are adjustable in height, inclination and even that allow the turn.



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