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Bladeless ceiling fans: what to look for and which one to buy

If you need to refresh a room, the new models of bladeless ceiling fansThey have several important advantages. They not only fulfill their function of ventilating: they also illuminate, purify, and can be programmed with the mobile.

Ceiling fans with traditional blades do the job, but they have several problems. The blades are in the air, so if someone inadvertently raises their hands, they could cut themselves.

Also aesthetically they are ugly, and if they have light it is usually a small bulb that remains in the air, and does not illuminate much. Instead the bladeless ceiling fans they overcome these problems, and add other functions. on Telegram on Telegram

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First of all, it must be said that his name is a bit tricky. Bladeless ceiling fans… have blades. But they are hidden inside a casing, and they are not seen. This has the advantage that reduces noise.

they are safer, since you can touch the running fan without cutting yourself. And also much more elegant and decorative. Most pretend to be a conventional ceiling lamp.

Things to consider with bladeless ceiling fans

First of all, you should look at fan power, which is what will give you its ability to refresh. It is usually measured in watts (W).

It is recommended that they bring a dc motor, which consumes 70% less and is 50% quieter than conventional AC motors. But it is only present in mid-range or high-end models.

He noise It is important in this type of appliance, especially if you want to use it at night. Make sure the decibel (dB) number is as low as possible.

All these bladeless ceiling fans They carry an LED light. Check that is the color you need, since they can be cold white, warm, or colored. It must have enough power (in W or lumens) for the room where you use it.

You should also look how do you handle the fan, since being on the roof, does not have physical buttons. The cheapest use a remote control, but others can be controlled with the mobile, or by voice with Alexa or the Google Assistant.

Finally, many of these models have a reverse vent optionwhich is used in winter to bring up the hot air from the heater. So it heats up faster and consumes less. Therefore They are useful all year.

We selected 5 quality bladeless ceiling fans at a good priceso that you have it easy when choosing the one you like the most:

  1. Philips Bliss
  2. Jomewory Ceiling Fan without blades
  3. Noaton 12058W Triton
  4. Grunkel ceiling fan with speaker
  5. Mantra Alisio fan

Philips Bliss

Philips Bliss

With this new ceiling fan you can enjoy a good breeze while lighting up your living room with up to three different shades of warmth. Its Eye Comfort technology takes care of our vision and avoids…

Lightning Bliss

Although not technically a bladeless fan, they are transparent, covered by the lamp, and They are retractable blades, that is, they fold up when not in use.disappearing from sight.

You can cool an entire room thanks to a 230 rpm motorand can be used at night, with a maximum noise of 45 dB. consumption is 35W.

It offers a powerful light capable of illuminate a room of 25 square meters. SpaceLight technology distributes light evenly, and with EyeComfort makes it easy on the eyes. It also has 3 color temperatures: white, neutral and warm light.

Has IP20 protectionagainst blows from solid objects.

Is one of best ceiling fans with lighting what can you buy.

Jomewory Ceiling Fan without blades

Jomewory Ceiling Fan without blades

Jomewory ceiling fan – €21.47

This is a cheap and compact model, 26 centimeters in diameter. It screws on like a light bulb, so it’s easy to fit in place of a lamp, with no installation.

It is a fan with a power of 4Wso it is intended for refresh a specific area, not a whole room. For example, the computer table, the sofa to watch TV, the place where you cook, the bathroom, etc.

Has a 30 W LED light that can change color to natural, cold or warm light. You can connect it to a switch on the wall, or operate it with the included remote control.

It is a simple but very compact and practical fan, Little more can be asked for just 20 eurosif you apply the 5% discount coupon under the price, on Amazon.

Noaton 12058W Triton

Noaton 12058W Triton

Noaton Triton ceiling fan – €135

This bladeless ceiling fan It has very good reviews, with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Has a diameter of 58 centimetersand can be installed on the ceiling or wall, at angles of 45, 90 and 180 degrees.

It has 3 speeds and a power 35W, enough to cool a not very large room. It also has a LED bulb 48W that you can adjust the color to cool, neutral or warm light.

It is controlled with a remote control, and has programmable timer for 1 or 2 hours.

Besides it is low noise, only 30 dB. It can be used perfectly at night, to sleep with it on.

Grunkel ceiling fan with speaker

Grunkel ceiling fan with music

Grunkel ceiling fan with speaker – €129.90

This grunkel ceiling fan has caught our attention because includes a speaker to play music, which will be heard throughout the room. Besides 15W colored LED lightcan be coordinated with audio

Be careful because in this model the blades are not closedbut covered almost entirely by the lamp.

It has a blade diameter of 132 cm, so It is capable of cooling large rooms. With 6 speeds and a very nice breeze mode. Its maximum power is 43 W.

His dc motor Not only consumes much less and is quieteralso has reverse ventso can be used in winter to ascend the hot air from the heating. Heat the room faster, saving on heating.

Mantra Alisio fan

Mantra Alisio fan

Bladeless fan Mantra Alisio – €239

This bladeless fan and high-end ceiling light boasts a 63 cm diameter fan, with a power of 35Wand energy class A. Refreshes a room between 13 and 20 square meters

The powerful 70 W LED light with 4,900 lumens Allows you to adjust the color temperature between the values ​​2700K-5000K.

An important fact is that integrates a reverse rotation functionwhich raises the hot air from the heating in winter, to accelerate the heating of the room, and spend less heating.

Both the light and the power of the fan can be adjusted through a mobile app.

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