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Home Camcorder Buying Guide

Do you like to record and record what you do? If you are a fan of video recording, smartphones will fall short for you. Here you have the necessary advice to succeed in buying a home camcorder with which to record your best memories.

Optics and sensor of a camcorder, the most important thing

The key pieces that you should look for when buying a home camcorder They are the sensor and the optics. The focus, brightness and recording of the images depend on them, that is, the quality of the video that you are going to record.

If you do not want to be surprised and you are one of those who plays it safe, we advise you to check if the video camera that you intend to buy mounts the optics used by the leading brands, that is, Leica, Carls Zeiss or Konica Minolta.

Camcorder optics and sensor

Good lighting allows you to take shots in low light conditions. To maximize the camcorder’s lighting conditions, look at the number next to the letter “f” on the lens. The lower this number, the better.

Another of the most important aspects when considering a possible purchase of a home camcorder is the disposition or not of Image Stabilizer. If you do not carry it, you run the risk of the socket being affected by possible vibrations.

But above all, to obtain images with great definition, the best models are the Full HD.

screen type

Camcorder with projector on the screen

The camcorders today they have screens that allow you to edit and treat the captured shot so that it is prepared for its perfect reproduction. In them you can frame the image perfectly, review the recording or perform almost any function.

In addition, many of them are adjustable, so the mobility they offer allows you to adapt the video camera to multiple frames for better recording.

That is why paying attention to the mobility of the screen once it is open is important. So is the quality of the resolution and brightness for use under bright conditions, for example in full sun.

The battery will mark the autonomy and the useful life time

sports camcorder

The goal is for the dreaded blinking light to appear on the screen of our video camera as late as possible.

The autonomy of thevideo camera It is another point that you should pay attention to. If the events or events that you intend to record are long and your battery does not have sufficient autonomy, it is most likely that you will not be able to record them until the end.

If you have found a camcorder with a shorter autonomy than expected, you will have to buy a second one battery that increases its useful life.

Storage capacity, synonymous with hours of recording

The Storage capacity It is something that must also be repaired when buy a home camcorder.

There are models with a built-in hard drive, with an SD memory card slot, or with both options.

With 80 GB of memory you can film about 33 hours in Full HD. If you decide on a model that only has a card slot, pay attention to the maximum storage capacity which admits

The latest in home camcorders

Some latest home camcorders of the market incorporate WiFi connection. This will allow you to share your shots and captures immediately by email or on social networks.

the fever of three dimensions also plays a leading role in latest home camcorders on the market. Some models incorporate two optics and two sensors to capture 3D images. With this technique you can take surprising and highly realistic shots.

The drawback of capturing 3D images is that the files are twice as large.

3D Camcorder

Another of the latest novelties in some home camcorders is the incorporation into their screens of a microprojector. This ingenious solution allows images to be viewed on any nearby, flat surface and by more than one person in the event that the screen becomes too small.

Lastly, one of the camcorders The one that is having the most success is for sports use. These are more resistant and can be attached to any helmet. They also have a robust, lightweight design capable of resisting falls and bumps.

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