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Everything you need to know to buy an action camera

The GoPro it marked a before and after in the world of technology by opening the doors to video recording in extreme conditions, both at sea and in the mountains or driving a sports car on a competition circuit.

combine one camera with an ultra compact size with a shockproof housing and submersible along with mounts for all types of vehicles and situations from the bike to the surfboard, passing through the helmet or even a skateboard or drones, it was an excellent idea but at a high price.

The five things you should know beforebuy an action camera

1.- Accessories are important. Many cameras are compatible with those of GoProbut be sure.

2.- The cheap models of action cameras they sacrifice features like 4K recording or burst photography or photo megapixels.

3.- For extreme activities, it is better if the camera uses a submersible housing from 10 to 40 meters.

4.- Not having a screen is not always relevant. The wide angle allows framing “by eye” quite well.

5.- Autonomy is usually modest. Buy extra batteries for long days.

action camera buying guide


In any case, as of today, there is already action camera alternatives very interesting in terms of quality and with a price within the reach of many economies.

Either from Asian brands directly, or from international manufacturers, there are proposals for less than €100 that allow you to record sports or action activities with honest quality. Even GoPro has models at moderate prices, although without the premium features of the highest ranges.

action camera buying guide

Urban or extreme

Very light and compact models with a remote viewer through a mobile application and shock and water resistant without the need for a casing are beginning to become popular.

Take a look at the best cameras for athletes: Go Pro and 9 alternatives

Keep in mind that if you have to use your mobile, they will not be optimal for extreme uses. But they are fun and recommended for everyday use that does not require an extreme level of resistance. The truth is that there are already options for all tastes.

Re from HTC

smartphone cases

Smartphones integrate excellent photo and video cameras, but they are fragile devices. Even submersibles are not fit for the sea or for harsh usage scenarios.

Cases like the Lifeproof allow to solve these weaknesses and make the smartphone usable in very demanding situations.


Before action cameras, there were compact waterproof and shock resistant cameras.

They are heavier than action camand they do not have as wide a variety of supports as sports cams, but in return they have more powerful photographic functions, as well as optical zoom and generally higher quality photographic results.

Although do not expect that it will serve you to ride on the helmet or the surfboard.

The best deals on the market

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