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Vinícius breaks his silence with the referees: “It cannot be that he is the player who is fouled the most and the one who has the most cards”


Vinícius Junior was the great protagonist of the match at Real Madrid-Espanyol, not only because he was the main architect of the white comeback, but also because he became very angry again with the referee on the field of play, especially when he was penalized with a new yellow card, about which he spoke after the match.

“With me, the referees don’t whistle, they don’t draw a card for the others… but whenever I make the first foul, they draw a card for me,” said the Brazilian, who did not hesitate to make his opinion clear: “It can’t be that he is the player who is fouled the most and the one who has the most cards”.

This season, the Madrid ’20’ has already received a total of 92 fouls so far in LaLiga, three in the match against the parakeets, in which he only made one (the one that earned him the card). This course has already seen a total of eight in the national championship, where he accumulates 39 fouls. “It is what it is,” the striker said about it, adding that “I have to try to improve, try to keep a calm head” to dedicate myself to playing and helping his teammates on the pitch.

Florentino Pérez and Joan Laporta

Vinícius also pointed out that “this always happens with Madrid and with me”, and qualified that “the referees They draw the card when the player has already fouled me 15 times and in the 89th minute… it’s better that I don’t take it out and we have more time to play”, he considered.

I don’t want to be protected i want them to do the right thing and whistle the fouls that must be whistled and draw the cards that must be drawn”, concluded the Brazilian, whose statements coincide with those of his coach, Carlo Ancelotti.

The Italian stated at a press conference that “Vinícius gets many yellow cards for the kicks he receives”, although he explained that “I think many of the yellow ones were for protests.” In addition, the coach praised his attitude this Saturday: “He seemed exemplary to me today, he did not protest, he did not say anything. He has played very well, he must continue like this.”


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