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Real Madrid will appear as a private prosecution in the ‘Negreira case’: what it means and what implication it will have in the investigation

It’s official. The Board of Directors of Real Madridsummoned to an urgent meeting on Sunday morning by Florentino Perez, president of the entity, has ratified the decision that could already be intuited as a result of the Madrid statement last Saturday, when the entity made an official statement for the first time on the ‘Negreira case’. Thus, the Chamartín club has announced in another statement that will appear in the case against Barça and Negreira as a private accusation.

As a result of this decision, Madrid You will be able to receive all the documentation related to the investigationas long as, when the time comes, they are admitted as a party in the judicial process. If everything follows its course, the white club will be able to investigate and discover on its own everything that has happened between Barça, Negreira, the CTA and the referees in recent years.

Finally, unless there is a 180º turn, the Concha Espina entity may substantiate and document what he has been publicly denouncing for years; the same thing that the Prosecutor’s Office suggests in its complaint, that the blaugrana club paid for “guarantee actions tending to favor Barça in the decision-making of the referees“.

Florentino Pérez and Joan Laporta

“The Board of Directors of Real Madrid CF, at its meeting held today, has learned of the serious accusations made by the Barcelona Prosecutor’s Office against FC Barcelonatwo of its presidents, Josep María Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell, and the former directors Albert Soler and Óscar Grau, based on potential crimes, among others, of corruption in the sports fieldwithin the framework of relations established by said club with the former vice-president of the Technical Committee of Referees, José María Enríquez Negreira“, says the statement from the white club.

“Real Madrid expresses its deep concern about the seriousness of the facts and reiterates his full confidence in the action of justice and has agreed that In defense of their legitimate interests, they will appear in the procedure as soon as the judge opens it to the injured parties.“ends, confirming what was already known unofficially. News that completely changes the complexion of the ‘Negreira case’.

The ‘Negreira case’ has shaken Spanish football to its foundations, leaving its legitimacy and credibility in question. so much that Neither the League nor the Federation have been able to look the other way when the Prosecutor’s Office has decided to take action on the matter and denounce the Barcelona Football Club as a legal person and José María Enríquez Negreira.

Therefore, counting Madrid, there are already three private accusations involved in the case: RFEF, the 40 League clubs covered by Thebes, and Real Madrid alone. Although it has already been indicated that sanctions through sports are not an option, everything can change depending on how the trial and the investigation evolve, because if confirmed, it is a scandal that should always entail strong consequences for those involved, for all levels.

From silence to judicial offensive

In this way, in a matter of just two days, Madrid has gone from a silence that had already become somewhat uncomfortable for a good part of his fanswhich was known from the beginning of the case as the most affected by the alleged corruption of the Spanish arbitral establishment, to become involved first-hand in the prosecution of the ‘Negreira case’.

Until now, by the ‘White House’, butragueño as director of institutional relations and ancelotti as coach of the first team they had been the only ones to raise their voices, timidly, yes, to offer their opinion on the ‘Negreira case’, beyond the protests broadcast on Real Madrid TV. “It is an important subject, I prefer not to answer”, said the Italian on Saturday, aware that the rhythms of the statements are marked by fire. Had to wait.

The referee Clos Gómez sends off Sergio Ramos in the Osasuna-Real Madrid match.

Still, it was weird clubs like Sevilla on their ownor even the League in a joint statement, would have manifested themselves before Barça’s main sports rival in Spain. Florentine logically did not want to go hand in hand with the Javier Tebas League in that statement, but perhaps he took too long to take the step.

Sooner or later, but yes, always on your own terms, those who justify that prolonged silence broken only by the firm complaint of the Prosecutor’s Office. The white team wanted to be as respectful as possible with the procedures and deadlines of Justiceso as not to get ahead or take false steps by drawing hasty conclusions during the investigation prior to that complaint by the Prosecutor’s Office.

However, once the Public Ministry officially accused Enríquez Negreira, Barça himself, Rosell, Bartomeu and the directors Óscar Grau and Albert Soler, Still leaving out presidents like Laporta or Gaspart who were also allegedly involved, the Madrid board of directors decided to take that step forward that was expected of them.

The ‘ally’ Laporta, against the ropes

Of all those presidents, perhaps it was the figure of Laporta (which is not mentioned anywhere in the statement) which also made Real Madrid back down and wait at first. And not because of some trivial issue, no, since Barça and Laporta were, and are up to now, Madrid’s best partners in its fight against CVC, the Tebas League and UEFA, with the Superliga project like icing on the cake.

Bad fellow travelers accused of corruption, like Juventuswith which Real Madrid has threatened to break all institutional relations due to the scandalin which they feel a very harmed part, to prevent their image from being damaged or their future projects from being compromised.

Even so, here Madrid has also measured the times. The step forward of the Madrid board has only come when the current president of Barça has been left out of the accusations of the Prosecutor’s Officealthough he will be called to testify.

Curiously, Laporta could have lied if he was accused (if he has something to hide, since he was responsible for tripling the emoluments that Negreira received from Barça), but As a witness, you are required by law to tell the absolute the risk of incurring perjury and make life even more complicated.

Laporta, Florentino Pérez’s main partner in the Super League project and in the common front they maintain against Tebas and UEFA, has a difficult situation before him. Juridically, the Catalan lawyer could survive the case because the payments of his first stage in command have prescribed, but due to professional ethics, his position could falter if the pressure builds.

The coach of FC Barcelona, ​​Xavi Hernández, at a press conference.

They will get ahead for sure“, Florentino predicted last summer when asked about the deep economic problems of his rival, whom he even helped find outlets to activate the famous ‘levers’. opposing the bulk of their fans, eager to see the economic and sporting collapse of their eternal rivals, those who have been corrupting the competition for decades.

After signing a lucrative agreement with Legends and the American fund Sixth Street to manage the commercial exploitation of the Nuevo Bernabéu, Florentino was the one who paved the way for the Americans to purchase of 10% of Barça’s television rightscontributing to the recovery of its economy.

We wish it to go ahead for the good of Spanish football“, affirmed Pérez about Barça in the summer; some statements that have changed drastically this Sunday, after the explosion of a scandal that will mean a turning point in its institutional relations.

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