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Opinion of Mariano Gistain | Fernando Alonso and his unreal car

Fernando Alonso has been third and has starred in a race of those who are fans. Chosen best driver by the public, he has signed the fastest lap. Formula 1 and the channels that sell the races owe Alonso his life. Surely the passion recital has triggered the sales of subscriptions. After decades of boredom Alonso has a car that runs, the Aston Martinalthough it is far from the RedBull.

The enemies of Formula 1 are boredom and lack of competition: the same thing that happens to the world in general. Neoliberalism (hereinafter neolib) has eliminated the competition: it is a game of oligopolies. When the USSR broke up, capitalism was left without competition and went crazy, we have gone crazy. Alonso says that what the Aston Martin team has done with the car “is unreal”. As unreal as the new face of Madonna.

And with this intro we come to the great Hispanic songs: the anxiety of 8M, with the government like a two-headed hydra slitting its throat between them, the case of Tito Berni and the announcement of Ferrovial’s self-exile: May water for the opposition. The week has been so intense that it is difficult to remember the motion of no confidence. Sánchez fears that he will not preside over Europe, which is his vanishing point: Sánchez is looking for a way out to Europe like Del Pino and his Ferrovial. Perhaps that is why the president has sulked so much, because Del Pino has gone before him. And then they say that globalization is slowing down.

The second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, and the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, at the presentation of the agreement for the approval of the Spanish Strategy for Safety and Health at Work.

The one who gets angry loses. Even Pablo Motos says that, maximum oracle during the week, where the laziness of rival chains elevates him to the podium: also in this boredom and in-competence (lack of competition) reign. Everything is as unreal as the work that Aston Martin has done on the car, according to Alonso, who took an early morning gloom from his teammate and drove at full speed to continue on the track doing eses. What a way to overtake Hamilton, Russell, Sáinz. Decades late, he has a car and has raised the fans.

Ferrovial’s announcement to go to the Netherlands has triggered the fame of its president. Del Pino was well known in the exclusive circles of the selective Ibex 35 but now he is reaching heights of true popularity, without reaching the level of Tamara but to that of an Amancio Ortega (which will force him to donate very expensive artifacts). With this ad Del Pino It is the factual rival of the sanchazgo before the little impetus of Feijoowhich effortlessly keeps the profile low.

The feat of Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sáinz, classified fourth, raises the self-esteem of the Spain brandwhich will undoubtedly recover from the Ferrovial march, although perhaps not so much from the angry response from the government, which does not remember in what world neolib He survives, like everyone else, by a miracle. The precariat, sign of the times, also lurks above.

The problem for the sanchazgo is that if the Ferrovial thing is an enveloping maneuver, the next leak will already be planned. Who will it be?

The biggest failure of the Sanchero government is not having found out about Ferrovial’s escape. It is an inexcusable oversight, similar to that of the Rajoyato when he did not know how to discover the ballot boxes for the illegal referendum of 17. Sánchez should have infiltrated sexy policemen in the Ibex, although perhaps that mission requires more sophisticated skills than those required to become involved in activism Catalan.

The sanchero rebound is due to not having been able to foresee Ferrovial’s escape. The Rajoyato could not find out about the seditious embezzler polls because he had his intelligence forces putting a false priest in Bárcenas’s house to steal his accounting, destroying hard drives with a hammer and entangling with Villarejo and the patriotic police. To know how sanchazgo uses intelligence.

The homeland will overcome Ferrovial. Besides, Iberia (IAG) and Endesa (Enel) and other icons were already lost in times, and life went on… although Endesa has demolished the chimney of the extinct thermal power plant in Andorra de Teruel, a 343-meter monolith from which almost all of empty Spain could be seen: perhaps that is why they have dynamited it so quickly.

Fernando Alonso raises the country’s self-esteem, although the RedBull cars went to the finish line alone (boredom guaranteed due to lack of competition). And Alonso’s phrase that what Aston Martin has done with the car “is unreal” serves to illustrate what happens in the automobile market, that nobody knows which car to buy in the face of electrical noise, prices and bans on pollution, which prevent old cars from circulating, which are so many. The thing about the cars is very unreal.

Sánchez has been saved to animate the 8M the law of parity, as necessary as it is feared if it is drafted by the same secret legal scientific committee that has promulgated other sticky texts. If the law were realistic instead of unrealistic, it would also have to regulate parity in the field of corruption.

Pedro Sánchez during his participation in an act this Saturday on feminism on the occasion of International Women's Day.

These details of a densely oligopolistic environment – ​​a new business idol and factual opposition, flight of a top-Ibex; feats of Tito Berni – are seasoned with the most serious of all, which is the loss of confidence in the referees, which emulates the same in justice and in other pillars of the system. If football fails, there will always be Alonso and his unrealistic team.

The problem for sanchazgo is that If the Ferrovial thing is an enveloping maneuver, the next leak will already be planned. Who will it be?

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