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Liverpool studies banning Anfield entry for life to the fan who almost injured Robertson

He Liverpool studies the application of an exemplary sanction for the 16-year-old fan who invaded the pitch to celebrate his team’s seventh goal against Manchester United. This would be the lifetime stadium bana punishment aggravated by how close the boy came, due to an untimely slip, to injuring footballer Andrew Robertson.

It happened in the 88th minute of the match, when Firmino put the icing on the cake with Liverpool’s seventh goal against Manchester United (7-0), a scoring party that a ‘red’ fan was about to tarnish. The young man He jumped onto the pitch to celebrate with the group of playerswith the misfortune that he slipped shortly before arriving, hitting the ankle of the left side hard.

Liverpool players celebrate one of the goals.

The security services took the invader, whose mistake was harshly criticized by Jurgen Klopp, coach of the local team. Finally, the footballer was able to rejoin and finish the game on his own foot.

The measures announced by the club

This Monday the team reported in a statement on the launching an investigation to study some facts derived from an “unacceptable and dangerous behavior”, which could have radical consequences for the fan.

“The club will now follow its formal sanctions process and have suspended the alleged offender’s account until the process is complete. If convicted of the offense of entering the field without permission, the offender could face Criminal record and a lifetime ban from Anfield and all the stadiums of the Premier League”, sentenced the letter.

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