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LaLiga denounces a rigging proposal confessed by a former Girona footballer

LaLiga has announced this Thursday that it has filed a complaint with the National Police Center for Integrity in Sport and Betting (CENPIDA) for a rigging proposal in the Second Division in the 2016/17 campaign confessed by the former Girona soccer player Francisco Aday Benitez.

In his statement, made on the program ‘Sique’s Bar’Benitez explained that they would have offered him 50,000 euros for letting himself be won a football match when there was one day left for his team’s promotion to the First Division.

Screenshot of Huracán Melilla 0-8 Levante UD from Copa del Rey 2021/22.

“You know perfectly well that in football there have been briefcases, there have been bonuses from behind. They have offered me personally, which I have never accepted”, the former athlete tells Jordi Ferrón at one point in the aforementioned program.

After the confession, the host of the program intervened, Sique Rodríguez, who inquired with a series of questions about said procedure. “It was absurd to accept because that year we were promoted to the First Division, we had one league game left. And I was not going to stain the entire season for a league game, it was absurd to accept. But they offered it to me…”, Benitez replied to one of the questions.

You know perfectly well that in football there have been briefcases, there have been cousins ​​behind

During the questionnaire, the former Girona right-back also detailed the procedure for the rigging attempt. “They contact a player, this player is the link, take the trusted people in a locker room… You only have to take three, If you buy a goalkeeper, a central defender and a striker, you have it half done. But you can’t just buy three players, obviously.”

LaLiga reaffirms its commitment against match-fixing

“The area of ​​Integrity and Security of LaLiga has as one of its objectives the prevention, detection and reporting of any conduct that infringes ‘fair play’ and can adulterate the competition. The predetermination of results is a crime, as well as proving the sole intention of fixing the proposal. We remind you that through the LaLiga complaints channel, any fan can provide information for the investigation of this type of crime against the integrity of the competition,” said the competition in the published press release.

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