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Ja Morant, suspended and investigated by the NBA for showing a gun on Instagram

The Memphis Grizzlies point guard, Ja Morant, has been removed from his team this Saturday for at least the next two games after appear on Instagram carrying a gunin a nightclub, a controversial episode for which he is also being investigated by the NBA.

The Tennessee franchise released a brief statement announcing its decision to cut the player “for at least the next two games”, while Morant himself issued another note to “take full responsibility” for his actions the night before.

“I’m sorry to my family, teammates, coaches, fans, the city of Memphis and the entire Grizzlies organization for letting them down. I’m going to take a time to get help and work on learning better methods to deal with stress and my general well-being,” the player wrote.

Morant, one of the stars of the NBA at 23 years old, came to the spotlight this weekend not because of his numbers (27 points and 8 assists on average per game), but because of a video that he himself posted on his social network on Saturday morning, where he could be seen carrying a gun.

NBA spokesman Mike Bass announced that the league is investigating what happened and that video uploaded by a Morant who, at 23, had already been involved in other extra-sports controversies while leading a second-place Grizzlies in the Western Conference.

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