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He hits a spectator in a golf tournament and that saves him from the ball falling into the water

The luxurious town of Ponte Vedra Beach, in Florida (USA) is hosting the prestigious The Players golf tournament these days. In it, this Friday took place a curious scene.

It happened when the Texan golfer Jordan Spieth He teeed off the 9th hole of the course. The hit was so bad that one of the worst things that can happen to a player happened: he hit a spectator.

But what at first is a misfortune, was finally a blessing, because the fact of hitting the spectator meant that the ball did not go directly into the wateran even worse circumstance for a golfer.

And it was providential, because if the ball had gone into the water, surely Spieth would have stayed out of court and would have been eliminated from The Players tournament. On the contrary, I can rectify and the cut passed.

Spieth did not forget the spectator who saved him the tournament and shortly after he looked for him and he gave away one of his gloves as an apology for having hit him, and thanks for saving his ball.

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