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From La Sportiva to Salomon, these are the best discounts (up to 50%!) on running shoes for the mountains


lovers of running and from the mountains they are lucky to have a sport modality that unites two of their passions, we talked about trail running practiced on natural terrain such as mountains, forests or even in some countries in the jungle. It is a more beautiful activity than running on the asphalt of a city, however, it can be harder due to the irregular surface where the mountain routes pass. Without forgetting the ups and downs, rocks, trees, mud or vegetation that force us to use special footwear with resistant materials and soles that adapt to said terrain. So no, not just any shoe is good for running in the mountains and not just any boot. those of trekking it is better to reserve them for long hiking routes and for running choose a pair of shoes trail running. But, what brands are reference?

Winter sports lovers love this season.

From 20deShopping We want to help you choose quality brands, with resistant materials and models with greater response in the mountains so that you can run safely and comfortably. And, in addition, in an economical way, for this reason, we have chosen models of the best brands at a discount now so that you can invest little money in sneakers trail running. The most famous are, for example, La Sportiva, Salomon, The North Face, Scott or Adidas Terrex. If you have already tried any of these brands or want to start brand new ones, This is your moment!

let’s start with la sportiva that offers a wide variety of running shoes for the most difficult terrain, in fact, it is one of the brands that is most seen in mountain races. And it is that, their shoes stand out for always offering comfortable, stable and resistant footwear, the three pillars on which the brand is based. The best thing is that, thanks to The English Courtnow you can save up to 30% on one of its best models, the Hibiscus-Malibu Blue. This shoe is dedicated to racing off road ultra distance and for prolonged medium distance training, thanks to the exceptional cushioning offered by its new high return technology.

With a 30% discount!
With a 30% discount!
The English Court

From one of the most comfortable models, we move on to one of the most versatile and from a brand just as famous as the previous one: Solomon. your slipper trail running alpha cross 4 has aggressive, deep lugs on its sole for better grip on a multitude of mountainous terrain. Another of the peculiarities of this shoe is that its midsole is softer and it has a lining that enhances comfort when our feet move excessively.

With a 30% discount!
With a 30% discount!
The English Court

Shoes for ultra marathons

And from Salomon we went to Scott, especially the Kinabalu Ultra RC model, perfect for ultras and long distance training. This shoe is very technical, since it has a protective plate for stones, laces that adjust and close better and a thermoplastic polyurethane support structure that make it the favorite of ultra marathons in trail. The best thing is their half price offer in El Corte Inglés, since it has gone from costing 159.90 to only 79.95 euros.

With a 50% discount!
With a 50% discount!
The English Court

Adidas with its Terrex line It is also a reference in sneakers trail running. In fact, his Agravic Ultra model was created in collaboration with one of the runners of trail world’s fastest, Ekaterina Mityaeva. It is one of the first sneakers trail running of the brand to incorporate a thermoplastic elastomer plate made of 90% renewable carbon that is placed between the sole and the midsole to protect the foot from rocks on the longest mountain routes, but without adding weight! to the shoe!

With a 54 euro discount!
With a 54 euro discount!

hiking shoes

Finally, if you like the mountains, but you are more into hiking and the boots weigh you down or bother you, these sneakers The North Face are perfect for you. They have a rubber sole optimized to cushion each of the steps you take and have no seams that bother inside. That does not mean that on the outside it does not have studs, because it has some of 4 millimeters for optimal grip on any terrain.

With a 50% discount!
With a 50% discount!
The English Court

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