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Everything you need to know about the 2023 Formula 1 World Cup calendar

He Formula 1 World Cup 2023 has started with the first free practice at the Bahrain Grand Prix, but it will not officially do so until the first race of the season is held, the Sunday March 5 at the Sakhir circuit. From there, another 22 Grand Prix will take place over 9 monthsuntil the ‘Great Circus’ lowers the curtain on a layout already classic at the end of the season such as that of Yas Marina, in Abu Dhabi, on November 26.

Be the longest championship in history with those 23 runs, and could have reached 24 if the Chinese Grand Prix had not crashed of the official calendar due to the COVID restrictions that the Asian country continues to apply. Finally, neither Istanbul nor Portimao bid to occupy that positionand those will be the races that make up the tortuous road to the world title for drivers and constructors.

classic layouts like Monza (Italy) or Silverstone (UK) will add one more season to his pristine record as the only tracks where It has been raced in every single Formula 1 world championship, But they will not be the only ones. Spa Francorchamps (Belgium) and Monte Carlo (Monaco), for example, also maintain their place and add that touch of ‘vintage glamour’ to the calendar, without forgetting of course Spain.

He Catalan Grand Prixdisputed as is customary in montmelo, will be the subject of two important novelties. The first of them, that will run for the first time (June 2-4)Contrary to what tradition dictated, after the Monaco Grand Prix (May 26-28); and the second, that the chicane at the end of the circuit, incorporated in 2007, will disappear to restore the old route with the last two curves to the right. Curiously, the only active driver to contest that race in both cases was Fernando Alonso, winner in 2006 in that last year of the original tour.

Two Spaniards going for it all in the F1 World Cup

Many of the circuits already mentioned, especially the Monegasque, cost a little more power every year cope with the demanding economic canon that the organizing Grand Prix have to pay to host any date on the F1 calendar. However, there are others, the most modern, that do not suffer so much. In fact, getting fully into the news, there are countries that can afford to host up to three different Grands Prix this year.

It is the case of USAwhich will include the usual race in the Circuit of the Americas, in Austin, and with the Miami GP, incorporated last year. In his eagerness to expand the business to the North American country (the entry of Ford and Cadillac as manufacturers, the arrival of American drivers on the grid…), which also has the Mexican GP as a neighbor, and to maximize the show, nothing better to present the first Las Vegas Grand Prixthe only debut on the 2023 calendar (November 18th).

Although Italy hosts two, that of Emilia Romagna and that of Monzanone is new or returns this year, as the Qatar Grand Prix, held at the Lusail circuit. The FIFA World Cup attracted all the attention of the Arab country in 2022, to the point of giving up its Grand Prix, but this year they return stronger than ever. In return, the one that disappears again is the French Grand Prixwhich says goodbye to Circuit Paul Ricard and Formula 1 for the time being.

Of the 23 Grand Prix that make up the calendar, nine will be held in Europe, six in America, seven in Asia and one in Oceania, also prioritizing the reduction of unnecessary trips between continents. One of the FIA’s objectives for 2030 is the zero emissions, and this also implies gradually reducing excessive, costly and polluting trips. Once the so-called ‘european season‘, they will only leave the racing carousel in the old continent to travel to Canada, while they will tour America and Asia/Oceania in two different stages.

The favorites of the Formula 1 World Cup.

It will also be a World Cup with hardly any breaks, in which the improvements will arrive as the competition progresses, without even time to breathe. Even so, there will be two big stops to charge batteries. The first, generated by the departure of China from the calendar, from April 2 with the Australian Grand Prix, to April 30, when the Azerbaijan Grand Prix is ​​held; and the second, the classic summer break, from July 30 to August 27when the pilots will take their ‘mini-vacations. Everything else, with a few weeks left, will be pure competition on the fastest four wheels on the planet.

The last great incentive will be the sprint rankings How successful have they been in previous years? Since the previous rehearsal went well, this year we will have six Grand Prix with this addition instead of the usual three, on already chosen paths: Azerbaijan, Austria, Belgium, Qatar, the United States and Brazil. A calendar that promises strong emotions, and that will go down, whatever happens, to the History of the premier class of world motorsport.

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