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Cristiano ends up deranged after consummating his first defeat in Saudi Arabia

Cristiano Ronaldo has always been a born winner, a competitive animal for which each defeat, usually sporadic, is the worst news of the year. This was demonstrated this Thursday, when his new team, the Al-Nassr of the Saudi League, fell by the minimum (1-0) at the home of his biggest rival and leader of the tournament, the Al-Ittihadwhich had already eliminated them in addition to the Arabian Super Cup.

Since his arrival in Saudi lands the luso did not know defeat in the leagueand in just seven games I had already scored eight goalsand distributed two assists. Immediate impact as in each team he goes to, but he is still not able to manage his anger in the most rational way, as he exhibited again as soon as the game ended.

Mateu Lahozthe collegiate guest of honor to officiate the match, put his whistle to his mouth to declare Cristiano’s first league defeat in Saudi Arabia, and the Portuguese could not contain his anger on the way to the changing room tunnel. He was unable to score despite trying in every possible way, and had to put up with the cries of “Messi, Messi!” from the stands, to those who reacted by kicking a water bottle into the air.

Ronaldo joined the Riyadh team last January, after a turbulent World Cup for him and from leaving Manchester United in a bad way. There were no more European offers, and the top scorer in history had to withdraw ‘forcibly’ (it will earn 200 million euros per season in the Arab country) of top-level elite football, despite continuing to offer a more than acceptable level for any first-rate team.

Of course, no matter how much money it is earning, Saudi Arabia’s It was never his first, nor his second optionand perhaps his reaction in the match against Al-Ittihad reflects, more than the pain of defeat, the impotence for wasting his last good years in a League infinitely inferior to any European championship.

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