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Barça denounces in a video the macho messages that soccer players receive daily: “Women’s soccer is not real soccer”

FC Barcelona has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the machismo that surrounds women’s football in which it denounces the harsh messages that their players must face on a day-to-day basis for dedicating himself professionally to sport.

In a video broadcast on their social networks, Mapi León and Robert Lewandowski have read a series of comments collected from social networks on International Women’s Day that question the value of female soccer players and women’s soccer.

“You wouldn’t even be a starter in my city’s team”, “nobody wants to watch your games” or “nobody cares”, are some of those messages, although there are also many who recriminate that “You have to adapt the rules to them”.

There is also no shortage of those who point to his physique (“you’re very sexy”), or those who say “go to the kitchen” or that it’s “time to have the ‘golden kitchen’ too”. “The women’s Ballon d’Or doesn’t count”, “Women’s football is not real football”“Watching women’s football is like watching football for children”, are other ways in which women’s sport is criticized.

In this sense, while the Polish striker was stunned by reading some of these comments, the Spanish defense has pointed out that “we receive these types of messages every day for the simple fact of being women”, therefore, “for all of us, we will continue to claim our rights”, with one objective in mind: “that all the women who come can go even further than we will arrive”.

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