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A 21-year-old footballer dies in the Ivory Coast after collapsing during a match

The defender of the Racing Club of Abidjan moustapha sylla, 21, died on his way to the hospital after collapsing on the pitch during a match, the Ivory Coast club reported Monday. According to local media, Sylla suffered a cardiac arrest during the match against Sol FC played on Sunday.

Before the event, the former Ivorian soccer player spoke Didier Drogbawho has never disassociated himself from football and social causes in his country, and who sent his condolences to the family and friends of the deceased and criticized the health situation of the players in the Ivory Coast.

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“Three deaths of Ivorian professional league players in less than four years. When will we have mandatory medical checks for all ‘professional’ players? Blood tests, stress tests? When will we have sports medicine?“, he wrote on his official Twitter account.

Ivorian football is very sick, it will change when retrograde practices change

In keeping with the message of the former soccer player, the former Ivorian minister Alain Lobognon has denounced the particular case of the deceased young man, noting that he was declared unfit to practice sports in Mali after a heart attack last year, something that was not investigated when he arrived at the Ivory Coast competition.

“A footballer declared unfit to play football in Mali after a heart attack in Bamako in 2022, was authorized to sign a Ligue 1 license. Our football is sick. Ivorian football is very sick. Will change when retrograde practices change. My condolences to the family of Sylla Moustapha “, she wrote on her networks.

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