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Tremendous fright for Quique Llopis: he suffered a very hard fall for which he had to be removed on a stretcher


The Valencian athlete Quique Llopis gave the big scare of the day to suffer a hard fallduring the final of the 60 meter hurdle this Sunday of the European indoor track, for which he had to be treated on the ground and finally removed on a stretcher by the medical services.

As soon as he fell in the final stretch of the race, the Spanish athlete was treated by the doctors, who came to help him after initially slumped on the floor when hitting the head. After a few minutes, they put him on a stretcher and consciously removed him from the premises to be treated by the medical services of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation.

The Victory went to Swiss Jason Joseph. The silver was awarded to Jakub Szymanski of Poland and the bronze to Just Kwaou-Mathey of France.


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