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Tips and tricks for buying a kitchen robot


You’re thinking about buy a kitchen robot? Today’s hectic pace of life leaves us little free time, so the sooner we take to do household chores, the better, since more free time you can spend on what you really like.

Fortunately, technology gives us a cable to save time on many household chores, and when preparing food, the kitchen robot is your great ally. Especially if you are one of those who burns even salads.

The kitchen robots have many advantages and it will be of great help to you whether you are an inexperienced cook or a professional chef. However, it is also important that you keep in mind its drawbacks so that you can see if this device is really what you are looking for.

Buy a kitchen robot It is a decision that you should value very well since sometimes it can mean a significant investment. If you want to know all the details in depth and solve all your doubts, pay attention to our Tips and tricks for buying a food processor.

Advantages and disadvantages of a kitchen robot

Before starting, first of all you have to be very clear if this device is for you. On the one hand, on the side of the advantages of kitchen robots we find that it combines the functions of several electrical appliances, such as the scale, the chopper, the mixer or the mixer, etc. This allows you to save space in your kitchen and centralize all these functions in a single device.

In addition, thanks to the programming options, it is capable of carrying out tasks autonomously, so in many cases you will only have to add the ingredients and wait for the dish to be cooked.

Tips and tricks for buying a kitchen robot

This is perfect for people who have very little time due to work, children or studies, but who do not want to give up eating homemade food. have a kitchen robot it allows you to have your hot plate waiting for you in the kitchen for when you return from work in the evening.

But not all are advantages, and you also have to take into account the drawbacks of a kitchen robot. On the one hand, it is a heavy and quite bulky appliance, so you will need to have enough space on the counter or in a cupboard.

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On the other hand, cleaning the kitchen robot can be quite laborious since it has several elements that are involved in cooking. But, above all else, the lofty food processor price (from just over 83 euros for the simplest and cheapest models, to around 1,150 euros for advanced models).

Therefore, the advantages would be:

  • It brings together the functions of different household appliances in the same device.
  • It can be programmed to prepare food autonomously for a certain time.
  • And it’s usually not difficult to use.
Tips and tricks for buying a kitchen robot

On the other hand, the disadvantages would be:

  • It is heavy and takes up a lot of space in the kitchen.
  • You will have to spend time cleaning it.
  • And the price, since a good kitchen robot It usually has a price that goes above 200 euros.

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages, and if you consider that Is it worth buying a food processor?, then we tell you the characteristics that you have to take into account to make the right choice. That is, we will tell you what you should look for to choose one or another model.

size and capacity

He size and capacity of the food processor It is one of the main characteristics that you have to assess when choose a kitchen robot. To determine what is best for you, consider the number of people you need to cook for on a regular basis, as well as the space you have available.

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You don’t need the same kitchen robot to prepare food for two people than for four or six people, and it is not the same to have many square meters, than the few square meters of a shared flat.

In this appliance, size and capacity go hand in hand, in such a way that the larger the dimensions of the appliance, the more capacity it will have and, as a general rule, it will also be more expensive.

Tips and tricks for buying a kitchen robot

In the market you have at your disposal kitchen robots with various sizes of glass or bowl, which is the piece in which the ingredients are processed to prepare the food. You can find glasses of 2 liters (Taurus Mycook), 2.2 liters (Thermomix or SilverCrest Monsieur Cuisine Plus from Lidl), 3.3 liters (Cecomix Evolution), 4.5 liters (Moulinex Cuisine Companion), etc.


The power of the motor is another of the main characteristics that we want to highlight in this selection of Tips and tricks for buying a food processor. If the robot does not have the necessary strength, it will be forced to always work at the limit and its durability may be affected.

Since the power is what gives it the necessary strength to perform the different functions during cooking, we can say that its minimum power should be around 400 W approximately, although those with larger dimensions will need even more.

For example, the thermomix it has 500W, SilverCrest Monsieur Cuisine Plus by Lidl it has 1000W, Moulinex Cuisine Companion it has 1550 W, or Taurus Mycook has 1600 W.


The functions vary from one kitchen robot to another, and it is one of the main aspects that you have to take into account when buy a kitchen robot.

The Thermomix is ​​the example to be followed by other devices and this is reflected in its high purchase price, although there are others Kitchen robots similar to the Thermomix at lower prices.

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The original model has 12 functions, which are mixing, steaming, crushing, weighing, stirring, grinding, beating, emulsifying, heating, kneading, cooking and chopping. However, other cheaper alternatives also perform these tasks or others very similar, such as the Lidl kitchen robot, the cheap Thermomix.

The more functions the appliance has, the more accessories it will have. In the case of the Thermomix there are 8 accessories that come with the machine: mixing glass, basket, lid, spatula, butterfly for creams, chopping blade, beaker and varoma for steam cooking.

Tips and tricks for buying a kitchen robot

In the case of the cheapest models, they also come equipped with various accessories with which to carry out their functions, and in most cases you can buy extra accessories if you wish. Evaluate what will be the What use are you going to give to your food processor?Think about whether you are going to need more or less functions and the budget you have to spend to know which one to decide on.


During cooking, robots handle food at very high temperatures and use blades and other utensils that can be dangerous, so it is very important to check that they have the appropriate safety measures.

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Make sure that the model you choose integrates a automatic locking mechanismwhich has protection against overheating and has a wide base to guarantee stability and avoid vibrations that could end up with the kitchen robot on the floor or causing a serious accident in your kitchen.


As we said at the beginning, cleaning difficulties are one of the disadvantages of kitchen robots and one of the main excuses for not using it in the future, so the fewer fixed elements it brings, the easier it will be to keep it clean and in perfect condition. state of use.

Tips and tricks for buying a kitchen robot

One of the best tips for buying a kitchen robot is to look for models that are completely removable and make sure that their parts and accessories are dishwasher safe. In this way you will save time after using it. If you don’t have time to cook, why would you have time to wash extra dishes?


He food processor price It is usually higher than other simpler appliances because they offer more complete and advanced functions. On one hand, the Thermomix price original is the most expensive: 1,199 euros.

On the other hand, the cheapest alternative to the Thermomix is ​​the Lidl kitchen robot, which costs 229 euros. In addition, you also have other options at your fingertips with intermediate prices. In this list you can see the most interesting ones, such as the Proficook MKM 1074 for 335 euros or the Taurus Mycook Easy for 495 euro.


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