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Tips and keys to buy Bluetooth headphones


Are you thinking about changing headphones? We discover all the keys and tips to buy guaranteed Bluetooth headphones.

A life without cables seduces anyone. Over the last few years, the wireless bluetooth headset offer on the market, a very practical solution for listen to music while doing sports or on the way to work. Below we review the toptips and keys to choose and buy wireless bluetooth headphones good, pretty and, of course, cheap.

The headphone cables they usually have a life of their own, impossible to keep at bay without forming impossible knots to untie. A problem that many have forgotten thanks to the bluetooth technologypresent in most mobiles, with which you can buy some wireless headphones that will make your life easier.

Although the differences have narrowed in recent years and will surely narrow even more with the imminent push for Bluetooth, today it is still essential to underline that the average sound quality in wireless headphones is lower to equivalent wired headsets.

The best wireless headphones for mobile or laptop

Why do wireless Bluetooth headphones sound worse? The technology compresses the original audio signal to send it to the headphones, so the sound suffers. However, if you buy a good Bluetooth headset you will barely notice the difference. Unless you are an audiophile like the one who subscribes these lines.

The wireless bluetooth headphones They are a booming option for their comfort and versatility, suitable for both jogging in the park and traveling on the subway. The folding helmets that can be stored anywhere and are advancing strongly at the hands of footballers known throughout the planet.

These wireless headphones are charged by your smartphone

The best possible advice before buying a wireless bluetooth headset is definitely to try it out. It sounds obvious but each helmet has a different soundso only if you put them on your head and put on one of your favorite songs will you know if it’s the right one.

Having said all that, here are the best tips and keys to buy wireless Bluetooth headphones:

Bluetooth headphones


There are helmets for all tastes and colors, with different manufacturing materials and finishes. you can choose between in-ear headphones or large, open or closed helmetswhich have been colonizing the market for years by eliminating the need to carry a huge battery in the backpack for them to work.

In this section it is important that you be aware that themanufacturing materials make the difference in terms of price but also in the durability of each helmet.

Headphone weight

Another platitude that, however, should be reviewed before buying wireless headphones. If you are going to use them to listen to music on the street for several hours, you should have be careful with helmets that weigh more than 400 grams.

These are the first wireless in-ear headphones

Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

A recommended option but not suitable for everyone, because you should never buy you some noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones if you are going to use them while riding a bike or going for a run as it can be very dangerous for you and those around you.

There are several formulas to avoid or minimize environmental noise. Passive technology, described by some advertisers as acoustic isolationonly attenuates outside noise.

If you need headphones that really isolate you from what is happening around you, you should look for headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC) systems that create an artificial sound wave that destroys interference through one or more microphones that pick up ambient noise to generate an opposite phase signal that ends up destroying noise.

playback controls

One of the reasons to buy wireless headphones It’s the food they offer. That is why it seems logical to choose headphones with remote playback control, a very common feature but which, for example, does not exist in some headsets geared towards the gaming universe.

BatBand, the headphones that work by bone conduction


They have evolved tremendously in the last decade, but one of the big disadvantages of bluetooth headphones is that you can run out of battery in the middle of a record.

It all depends on how you are going to use the headphones, but wireless headphones with a autonomy Less than five hours can give you more than one headache.

The larger helmets usually have a larger battery but you will think twice before going out with them to the street, for example, to play sports.


We are entering quicksand. The headset with microphone for audiophiles they belong to another species, because they are basically oriented to play video games.

Bluetooth headsets for gaming, with equal benefits, are more expensive than conventional Although, yes, they can be used both to play and to listen to music or talk on Skype. For tastes the colors.


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