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Tips and Guide to Buying a Smart Vacuum Cleaner

Over the years the market for smart vacuum cleaners has evolved rapidly, now we find models with autonomy that was unthinkable years ago, they have increased the number of filters and improved their efficiency. If you have decided to take the plunge buy a smart vacuum cleaner or do you want to renew your Vacuum cleaner robotyou must take into account a few things that we compile in this definitive guide as tricks and buying tips.

Although it may seem incredible, the first robot vacuum cleaner in history was developed by Nintendo in 1978. It was called Chiritorie and it was a kind of remote-controlled Roomba that removed small amounts of dirt with very little commercial success.

Already in the eighties another Japanese robot, Tomy Dustbot, was a small and friendly intelligent robot that sucked up the ground and was able to modify its trajectory when encountering corners or edges.

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In the nineties several companies -including Panasonic, Televac or Electrolux- tried their luck with smart vacuum cleaners equipped with different sensors, but none could cope with the roomba robot vacuum cleaner released in September 2002.

The smart vacuum cleaner as we know it today is a direct descendant of Roomba, the robot vacuum cleaner developed by specialists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) equipped with all kinds of sensors to move and clean effectively inside the house.

What smart vacuum cleaner should I buy?

Roomba It is still the benchmark in the market for robot vacuum cleaners today, but there are dozens of alternatives from other brands such as Neato, LG, Samsung, Vileda, Miele or Rowenta. Before comparing models you should take into account some important smart vacuum buying tips.

The intelligent vacuum cleaner is a practical, economical solution in the long term and especially useful for allergy sufferers or homes with pets. Of course, it is not the definitive solution for everyone or for all houses.

A robot vacuum cleaner is not recommended for those houses in which the vacuum is passed very occasionally. Although they have increased their capacity and effectiveness, not tothey breathe more than traditional vacuum cleaners and we cannot leave them all the workbut obviously they are much more comfortable.

at the time of buy a smart vacuum cleaner it is best to understand it as a maintenance system that it must always be accompanied by a human cleaning, for example, once a month to finish with everything that the robot could not.

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Almost all the models already incorporate a height difference sensor to avoid falling down the stairs, and many have overcome the problems they had at the beginning with the thick or shag rugs.

roomba vacuum cleaner

Cleaning pattern or navigation system

Robot vacuum cleaners have been avoiding obstacles during this decade that they have been with us, now they cover the entire floor of a house full of objects much more easily. In addition to the improvement of the sensors, part of this change is due to the fact that manufacturers are including artificial intelligence in these appliances, now we can call them smart vacuum cleaners.

The models that you can find in stores have, for example, mechanical pressure sensors that help them detect when they have reached a wall or any object; optical digitization sensors to accurately analyze the route they are taking; infrared and light sensors that help them detect steps and unevenness.

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Smart vacuum cleaners are equipped can remember rooms or patterns to, for example, prevent them from cleaning a room we don’t want. In addition, they usually analyze each area of ​​the floor of the house, to apply different treatments and remember where more dust accumulates and intensify cleaning.

deposit robot vacuum cleaner

Autonomy and deposit of the intelligent vacuum cleaner

at the time of choose a robot vacuum cleaner It is essential to pay attention to the autonomy of the appliance, since only in this way will we know if it will be able to completely clean the house at once or if it will need a break between rooms.

Another of the most important aspects when buying one smart vacuum cleaner is the capacity of your depositsince if you fill it before the end of the cleaning cycle it will be necessary to empty it.

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if you have pets at home you should buy a robot vacuum cleaner with a large deposit that is capable of collecting dog or cat hair without stopping every 30 seconds. For example, one of the premium vacuum cleaners of the moment is iRobot Roomba 980 It costs around 900 euros and its capacity is 0.6 liters. While for 299 euros, the Ecovacs Robotics Deebot It has a capacity of 0.4 liters.

Regarding autonomy, now the most powerful ones last about 2 hours of work, although their charge lasts a similar time, but in two hours it gives plenty of time to go over a standard floor several times and it would not matter how much it was charging.

Ecovacs vacuum cleaner

Suction capacity of the robot vacuum cleaner

Within the universe of smart vacuum cleaners There are models from 40 to almost 1000 euros. The price difference is largely due to the cleaning system used by each one.

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Right now we find very complete models on the market that combine the use of a vacuum cleaner with that of a mop to deepen cleaning. In addition, some may include a Water Pump to moisten the mop ensuring greater cleaning.

Noise level in operation

A section that most buyers tend to overlook when buying an appliance is the noise they generatesomething very important when it comes to buy a robot vacuum cleaner especially if you plan to use it while you are at home.

Most models are already very quiet, the standard is usually in the 60 decibelsalthough it is always advisable to program them so that they work when there is no one at home and only consult comments from other users who have already tried them.

Apps to control the smart vacuum cleaner

When buying a smart vacuum cleaner, you have to pay close attention to its ability to work completely autonomously without there having to be a human in between. The best way to check that the vacuum cleaner is doing its job right now is to have a mobile application.

Ecovacs Smart Vacuum App

Wherever you are, you can tell the vacuum cleaner one program or another, establish a few hours of work, check the status of its filters, and even indicate a room so that it does not enter, an infinity of more functions. Each brand is developing their own applications, so take the time to study what each one offers and which one you find most interesting.

Robot vacuum cleaner filters

What are HEPA filters? These are filters made up of a glass fiber mesh that prevent the spread of bacteria through the air, which is highly recommended for those allergic to dust.

Now vacuum cleaners no longer have a single filter, the best, like the iRobot Roomba 980, have two HEPA-type filters.


Buy a smart vacuum cleaner It is not an easy task and they require a high investment, so an error can be with us for several years. For minimize risks you can follow some basic tips:

  • Analyze and compare offersbut do not get carried away by impulses.

  • study the characteristics of your house before choosing a model.

  • Check the types of filter that each model has.

  • check the tank capacity of dust and its maintenance.

  • Make sure the smart vacuum has a full app.

  • If you buy online, make sure the warranty It has coverage in Spain. Some brands refuse to support models purchased in other countries.

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