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Tips and guide to buy an Android TV Box in 2023


Update: To all the information that this article already contained, we have expanded everything that we must take into account when buying an Android TV Box in 2023. In this way, we will be even clearer about everything we need to know about these products.

If you want to turn your old TV into a Smart TV, you’re in luck. Today this can be done thanks to the android tv box. Maybe you don’t know what we’re talking about and that’s exactly why we’re going to explain it to you.

It is one of the new options to improve your televisions or monitors. If you wanted to watch YouTube on TV, soon you will be able to do it.

Likewise, we are also going to recommend some of the best devices on the market so that you can access Android TV. But first, let’s go with the explanations.

Guide to buy an Android TV Box in 2023

What is Android TV and Android TV Box?

Android TV is a version of the mobile operating system. But it is especially set up for televisions. Basically, it brings Android features to the big screen, letting us use the apps.

Have a OS intuitive that will let us see the applications we have and allow us to access them. Furthermore, it is supports features like 4K Ultra HD, HDR, and Dolby Atmos.

android tv home page

It will permit you enter the Google Play Store to download other apps you want to use. Not to mention that it includes the Google voice assistant. In this way you can give orders to the television.

Android TV may come standard on certain brands of televisions. Some of these are Sony, Hisense, Sharp or Philips, as you can see they are good brands. Now, in your case it seems that you have a television without this type of technology.

So you need a device that lets you access this technology. This is what Android TV Boxes are. Some devices that, through a cable with an HDMI connection, can be connected to your television.

android tv box of 2018

They exist in different shapes and models, but they all have the same type of connection. These “boxes” can make our old television access services worthy of a Smart TVsuch as installing apps.

You can also use the subscription services that you have contracted or of which you are a member. In this way, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Netflix or Disney Plus will be accessible. In fact, you can ask the device to let you watch a Netflix series simply by asking it.

What should I look for when buying one?

Android TV Boxes, like all devices, have a series of important concepts that we must consider.

They are a series of characteristics that the more we know, the better purchase we can make. We can divide them into three main ones:


It is one of the most relevant aspects because if it can support good resolutions, we will better see the content we want.

Today almost all support 1,080p (the recommended minimum) and some up to 4K. The more resolution it has, the better it will look. In the case of having an Android TV Box that reaches 4K, it will allow us to take better advantage of the pixels per inch of the television itself.

In addition, being compatible with the HDR system In some of its variants, it will provide superior color quality and image clarity.

We must also take into account that having a much better image quality will affect the final price of the device, as is normal.

accepted formats

It is relevant that the Android TV Box is capable of opening all kinds of files or at least the most used ones, both video as audiosince this way we can take advantage of the TV Box device in a better way.

If we have a movie in format, for example, MP4 or some family photos in JPEG, as long as the TV Box is compatible, we will be able to watch them on the TV.

android tv box


Today any of these devices can be connected to Internet via Wi-Fi or use an ethernet connector to be able to put it directly with cable.

It is interesting that an Android TV Box is compatible with the dual band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHzto be able to choose which of the two is best for us in terms of the situation of the device with respect to the network signal.

If we are going to connect a wireless controller, keyboard or mouse, we will look for models that have bluetooth connectivity.

If we want to incorporate an external hard drive or flash memory, it will be more than convenient for it to have some kind of Usb connectoreither type A (the most normal) or Type C.


Not much is usually required, since these devices work mostly with streaming platforms.

It is normal to count at least 8 GBsince we consider it the most suitable for today, but obviously they can be found with more and less storage.

Android TV Box Types

can be differentiate Android TV Boxes into two main types. There really are some more, such as the peripherals that include Android TV, but we prefer to leave the division in two, namely:

Stick Type

These devices are quite simple. They usually have a small size and a not very long connector. They are anchored to a monitor connection and are usually hidden behind it. They are the humblest in terms of capabilities.

They do not usually have much internal memory, as well as more basic connectivity. They usually come with a remote and are usually especially cheap. They are the best option for those who want to use basic applications and music or series services.

Box type

“Box” shaped devices are more complex machines. They tend to have higher capacities in terms of resolution and storage. They may also have higher prices, although their cost is usually in accordance with what they offer.

In both cases, They are connected by HDMI cable and we can link them to our mobiles or Google accounts. Setting them up is very simple, since we only have to connect them to our home network and answer a series of questions.

Now you are fully informed about Android TV Boxes and you can choose the one that best suits you, your needs and your budget.


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