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Three fans arrested for climbing onto the Anfield roof to watch Liverpool vs Madrid: “There were no tickets left, so…”

Three fans were arrested after climb up to the roof of Anfield stadium to witness the Champions League match played between Liverpool and Real Madrid on February 21.

Taking advantage of the remodeling work that is taking place in the English stadium, the three individuals climbed to the top of the venue. Dressed in clothing similar to that of the construction workersThey achieved their goal. In fact, they were able to see two thirds of the game before being arrested by Merseyside Police.

Their decision, as they themselves explain, came after seeing their attempt to buy a ticket for the game frustrated. Kain, a young man from Cumbia who became the leader of the operation, justified himself like this: “There were no tickets left, so the cover was our only option. We want to apologize to Liverpool and to the police for making them have to deal with this situation”

Historic hand of Real Madrid at Anfield

“When they forced us down, we found ourselves surrounded by 30 agents. Also, we had to go through 20 hours in a cell before being tried, he added. “We didn’t want to bother anyone, just to see our team play a Champions League match”.

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