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This is how portable power stations are: all the information

We already know that technology has evolved a lot in recent years, giving us devices that we couldn’t even imagine before. This is a bit what happens with portable power stations, something that did not cross our minds and that has many more uses than it may seem at first.

These types of devices are designed to help us in everything that is energy for different types of devices and connections, when we lack an electrical network.

These new technologies are based on the growing needs we have for recharge certain devices in places where the electricity network does not reach.

It is the perfect solution for be anywhere and have electricity at our disposal. We are going to see how it works and what are its main characteristics, so that portable power stations are no longer unknown to us.

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What is portable power stations?

Portable power stations are electrical equipment that is designed to be moved from one place to another and that they serve for recharge all kinds of devices.

This means that thanks to these stations we will be able to charge our mobile phone, tablet or computer, but it would also allow us to power household appliances and all kinds of electrical equipment.

portable power stations they have huge batteries and, therefore, they will give more than decent autonomy in most of the devices that we can connect to them. Anyway, They can be recharged by connecting them to electricity, with a car adapter and even, many of them, through solar energy.

We are talking about the perfect evolution of gasoline generatorsbut with a series of advantages such as the reduced size to be able to take it anywhere, the weight, the minimum noise that they emit or that they do not generate any type of polluting gas for the environment.

There are multiple places where we will be able to use this type of device, apart from outdoors such as our garden, when we go camping or if we want to obtain energy for a motorhome.

It can also be used to be inside our own home, to power the machinery in our private workshop (if we have one), to connect a power line at any given time or to get electricity in a country house, to give you several examples.

Another use that may be more obvious is to have it as an auxiliary emergency system in case there is a blackout at home.

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Features of portable power stations

There are certain features that are common to all portable power stations.

It may be that in a specific model one of the ones that we are going to list is missing, but in general terms, they should be specifications that come as standard.

We are talking about:

  • output connections: Although there are many types of portable power stations on the market, in all of them there will be different output connections available to connect all types of devices. They will offer us AC plug outlets, DC plugs, USB Type A and USB Type C ports.
  • Screen: in the vast majority we will also have at our disposal an LCD screen through which we will be able to obtain all the information on how the station is working. Information on the remaining battery of the station usually appears on this screen, as well as the organization of the different ports of the device.
  • The power: depending on the type of model of the portable power station that we buy, so we will have one power or another. The most powerful models move between 1,200 and 2,000 W.
  • Solar recharge: In most of the current models there is the possibility of being able to recharge the station by means of solar energy, which can allow us greater autonomy capacity, since part of what we have spent we will be able to recover, without having to be in a place where there is electricity.

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How to choose a portable power station

There are several details that we must look at when buying a portable power station for ourselves.

If we are attentive to everything that we are going to see next, we will surely buy the most suitable model.


Power is one of the fundamental parts that we must be clear about in this type of device. As we have already mentioned before, it is about the ability of the station to provide us with autonomy for the rest of the devices that we connect.

We must be aware of what we need, without going crazy when buying a station that has much more power than what we are really going to use. We can be farsighted, but up to a certain point.


The capacity is measured in Whso we can say that this parameter marks the Watts that the station can supply us per hour. We must be clear that the power indicated by the manufacturer varies slightly from what we will actually have in the device later.

The best thing is that we acquire a station that has a capacity greater than what the devices that we plan to connect to it need.


At the end of the exterior design is something in which we are going to fix relativelysince practically all of them follow the same pattern in this regard.

This should make us look at other things that are a little more relevant, such as its resistance, its ability to carry from one place to another and if the use of the station is easy.



Obviously, the station that we are going to buy must have all possible connection standards, such as a AC outlet and USB ports both type A and type C.

From here, the number of connections will depend on our needs


The fact that we can recharge the station by plugging it into the mains is normal for all models, although you could always opt for a very interesting feature.

It would also be convenient if we could also use the solar recharge (light), having photovoltaic solar panels that allow us to recover the autonomy of the device without the need for electrical current, only with the light of the sun.


Yes, you have read more advice guides than we leave you in Computer Today, you realize that the guarantee is not something that we normally do not place too much emphasis on as one of the details to pay attention to, since in Spain it is two years minimum.

The issue is that we are facing a device that we are not going to use every day and that it can be several months without being usedso it seems essential to have a good warranty and good after sales servicealways thinking about covering their backs in case there is some kind of incident.

From now on you know perfectly what the power stations are like and what you should look for to acquire the best one for you.

We would love to know which of all the portable power stations on the market you have decided on and what was the reason for selecting that model. For that you have our social networks where you know that you will always be able to write us everything you want or need.

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