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The war between Real Madrid and Iturralde continues: “Florentino Pérez put me in a separate room”

The former referee Iturralde González brought to light this Sunday before the microphones of Cadena Ser (during the broadcast of the program sports carousel) a tense episode with Florentino Pérez after a match at the Santiago Bernabéu. According to what he recounted, the merengue president locked him in a room in the stadium to put pressure on him and ask him to whistle to the real Madrid “same as Barcelona“.

“In a match with a 6-1 against Deportivo. The match ends, we leave the field, and the assistants come out with me. There is a person who puts me in a room and he tells me: ‘I only ask you to whistle at me the same as Barcelona'”, explained the man who was a braid until 2012. “I ask him to see if he is serious or is he kidding me, he says yes, and I tell him that the conversation has finished”, he sentenced making reference to the tension that lived in the room inside the white stadium.

In addition, in these statements initiated in response to the harsh video that Real Madrid TV broadcast pointing out the errors of clos gomez (current VAR project director), Iturralde specified that he had reported these events to the CTA, a notice that had no consequences for the whites. “After half an hour the Technical Committee of Referees already knew it. I informed it, It seemed very serious to me, but there it was. There was nothing, “he pointed out about a fact that, however, was not recorded in the record of the crash.

I reported it, it seemed very serious to me, but there it was.

During the first minutes of his story, Iturralde avoided pronouncing the president’s name, although he did hint that he was the club’s top leader, until he finally ended up revealing it: “The one who put me in a room was Florentino Pérez. I don’t have to hide. There is a CTA report, because I brought it to the attention of it. So that they can see what it is to press. There is no corrupt referee, we are above, “he sentenced.

The videos of Real Madrid to Clos Gómez and Iturralde

Iturralde’s narration of the episode emerged on the radio program in response to the video dedicated from Real Madrid television to Clos Gómez, a communication strategy forcefully denounced by the Basque. “The report that has come out about Clos Gómez is creeping, it is indecent”he pointed.

The FC Barcelona defender, Gerard Piqué (d), receives instructions from the Barcelona team coach, Luis Enrique, during the match corresponding to the first leg of the Copa del Rey round of 16, which they played this Thursday against Athletic de Bilbao in the San Mamés stadium, in the capital of Vica.

However, Gómez has not been the only one pointed out by the white club, since the club’s television He also dedicated a video to Iturrald himselfe in which he also underlines his latest statements. “This is Iturralde González, the referee who has finally taken off his mask and is now dedicated to attacking Real Madrid from the media,” narrates the voice-over.

Florentino-Iturralde, a ‘touch’ of the past

The episode narrated by Iturralde in the microphones of sports carousel It already occupied a space today in 2013, yes, not so explicitly. It happened during a debate on arbitration in the program footballers of Marca TV that has rescued in the last hours the newspaper Brand, in which the arbitrator and the president had a heated discussion.

In it, Florentino Pérez highlighted that he had “never” spoken about the referees, something that Iturralde tried to correct by adding “almost never”. Given this assessment, the president of Real Madrid insisted that he had never spoken “publicly” about the referees, but the referee responded with a “publicly no… but you have told me”, with which could refer to the episode now revealed.

In that television conversation, Florentino justified himself by claiming that it was then an opinion commented on at a “private” level. However, this was not accepted by Iturralde either, who left the program ‘frustrated’, as described by the aforementioned newspaper.

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