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The image that embarrasses the world of athletics: none of the finalists care about Llopis after his hard fall

The European final in the 60-meter indoor track hurdle, held this past Sunday in Istanbul, left a horrifying image with the fall of the Spanish athlete Quique Llopiswho had to retire on a stretcher after a strong blow to the head.

Once the test was over (victory for the Swiss Jason Joseph) and with the Spaniard still lying on the ground, None of the finalists care about Quique’s state of health, while they passed right by an unconscious Quique. However, Jason has apologized and commented that he “was blocked” at the time of his victory.

The athlete has undergone medical tests and sent a message of tranquility to all his followers and family: “I have been tested and I am fineI appreciate all the expressions of affection and support. I want to thank all of you, medical services and the Federation for their support.”

This image has not gone unnoticed in the world of athletics and received numerous reviews Through social networks. Roberto Sotomayor, former athlete and candidate for mayor of Madrid, commented on his official Twitter account about the little humanity of Llopis’s teammates during the test: “I am ashamed of the attitude of the other athletes that they have been unable to approach to ask what was happening with the Spanish athlete. What a pitiful attitude”.

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