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The best cases and covers for the iPhone X


Have you got your hands on the new Apple smartphone yet? Do not miss our list with the best cases and covers for the iPhone X at unbeatable prices.

The wait is over. At least officially since this Friday, November 3, the most anticipated mobile of the year goes on sale. Latest apple smartphone hits stores after grabbing headlines and the dreams of many fans.

If you are one of the lucky ones who has already been able to get the mobile or you plan to buy it as soon as possible, you cannot miss our list with the best iPhone X cases and covers.

Choosing an iPhone opens up a wide range of options when choosing accessories for your mobile phone, with almost endless options in terms of color, materials or style if you are looking for a sheathor casing with which to better protect your smartphone.

It is not a trivial question since repairing the iPhone X screen costs 321 euros through the official Apple service, a figure significantly higher than what the company currently charges to repair the screen of the iPhone 8 Plus or previous versions. Besides any other damage outside the guarantee will cost 611.10 eurosalmost half the official price of the phone.

Apple iPhoneX

Check the technical characteristics and all the information about Apple iPhone X and its best offers.

For all this for many it will be done essentialbuy a case for iPhone X. The design change (eyebrow included) makes it essential that the chosen model be exclusive for this terminal and, if possible, many will want to preserve the identity of the smartphone that boasts an avant-garde design with almost no borderswith a screen that goes practically from edge to edge.

You may also be interested in a wireless charger, a replacement lightning cable, an iPhone dock, a Bluetooth headset or a screen protector

We have checked hundreds of models both on the official Apple website and in the main online stores to find the best iPhone X cases and covers. Click on next to see our first choice.

Official silicone case for iPhone X

Official silicone case for iPhone X

If you are looking for one cheap iPhone X case, easy to carry and light, probably what you are looking for is a silicone case. We opted for the official one that you can find in any Apple Store or in stores like El Corte Inglés, since it is designed by the company and fits perfectly both the buttons on the sides and the curved designor the phone.

This silicone case for the iPhone X incorporates two layers, one microfiber interior that protects your mobile phone and the silicone outer that offers a pleasant touch.

Contrary to what happens with some cheaper versions -the official model costs 45 euros- that you can find in Chinese stores this silicone case is fully compatible with wireless charging so you will not need to remove it at any time.

You have of course a wide variety of colors to choose from, including the option in red that is also supportive since it belongs to the (PRODUCT)RED family that allocates part of the sales to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.

Waterproof case for iPhone X suitable for snow

Waterproof case for iPhone X

The iPhone X is officially resistant to splashes, water and dust since it has IP67 protection. This means that it is protected against water, since to earn this qualification you must resist immersion of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Of course, you have to read the fine print since the resistance is not permanent and can decrease over time, so Apple specifies that the warranty does not cover liquid damage so it is not recommended to put it in the water.

To give your iPhone X extra protection you can choose one submersible cover with which you will be much calmer. In this case we have opted for the LifeProof Fre model, a fairly thin case that is resistant to water, dust, snow and shock.

The brand emphasizes that it withstands falls from two meters and that it is completely submersible in water for up to 1 hour up to two meters. In fact, the case has IP68 protection, so it is a good alternative for those looking to protect their smartphone as much as possible.

Rigid transparent case for iPhone X

Spigen iPhone X Clear Case

If you already have the mobile in your hands and are looking for one cheap iPhone X case that you may have at home tomorrow, a good option is this Spigen model.

This is a rigid hybrid case so it can’t bend like silicone models do, but the lack of elasticity is compensated for by a high degree of resistance that protects your mobile from falls and bumps.

This transparent case for the iPhone X is ultra-thin so it does not increase the thickness of the device. In addition, according to the manufacturer, it is compatible with wireless charging technology.

The official price of this transparent iPhone X case is situated in the €21.99but it is relatively easy to find it for much less, even going down to 10 euros.

Leather case for iPhone X

Leather case for iPhone X

Between the best cases for iphone x there was no shortage of space for leather covers, a choice for many users and a perfect gift for those who have just bought the latest Apple smartphone.

The variety of models is almost endless. There are versions in all imaginable colors and, of course, there are all kinds of qualities, so we have decided to choose Three alternatives that can be adapted to each one’s budget.

we start with one leather case for iPhone X cheap that you can find on Amazon for less than 20 euros. In theory, it is compatible with wireless charging and it is not an obstacle to paying with Apple Play, two things that you must take into account if you are going to buy a cheap model.

Apple, for its part, offers two leather cases for iPhone X. Both are made of European leather tanned and dyed with a special process to adapt to the contours of the mobile to maintain its ultra-slim design. Obviously, both are compatible with wireless charging.

The difference is that one of them (the one you can see in the image above) has folio format, so inside its microfiber you have space to store bills and credit cards. In this case, in addition, the iPhone X is automatically activated every time you open the case and stays in review mode every time you close it.

Both in the classic option and in the folio format you have several colors to choose fromincluding the solidarity model of (PRODUCT)RED.

Case with stand for iPhone X

Case with stand for iPhone X

We end the review with a case with stand for iPhone X with which, in addition to protecting your smartphone, you will gain in usability since you can place it on the table to play videosseries, movies or see what you want on the screen thanks to its support, “kickstand”, a small kickstand that many consider essential.

In our case we have opted for a Spigen model that is available in three colors: matte black, silver or bronze. All of them have an official price of 26.99 euros, but it is possible to find them much cheaper, even lower than 15 euros.

This case for iPhone X does not completely cover the back of the mobile phone, but leaves a hole in the central part for the iconic Apple apple: so no one will doubt that what you have in your hands is the latest iPhone from the Cupertino company.

This hybrid case offers shock protection and small falls. It also has a design with marked edges to improve the grip of the phone.

And you, Have you already chosen one?case for iPhone X? If you think that a model is really worth it, do not hesitate to suggest it through the comments section.


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