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Simeone’s stick to Xavi: “I already hear from some strategists who love the beautiful game that 1-0 is also beautiful”

Diego Pablo Simeone, coach of Atlético de Madrid, after beating Girona in Montilivi with a solitary goal from Morata (0-1), threw a dart at the Barça coach, Xavi Hernández, and the lovers of the beautiful game: “I already hear them say that 1-0 is also beautiful.”

The rojiblanco team, with this victory by the minimum, had achieved its victory number 100 by 1-0 since the arrival of Simeone to the mattress bench. That achievement was made known to the Argentine in the mixed zone, and he responded by remembering the critics of this “beautiful result”: “Today I hear many strategists who like the beautiful game say that 1-0 It’s pretty too.”

The Argentine coach recognized the complexity of achieving a victory with this result: “It’s very nice because requires you to have a high concentration and because there is an important tension in the offensive and defensive part”.

Former soccer player Gerard Piqué.

At a press conference and when asked, once again, about the victory after this minimal advantage, Simeone stressed the importance that other clubs give to this result: “Lately I see that this 1-0 is valued a lot and that makes me happy. Winning 1-0 is not easy, it seems that it is simple when you have to defend yourself, but you have to have a lot of concentration”.

”Many of these teams that are winning 1-0 have vastly improved defensively. The concentration that this result requires is extremely high. It is higher than when you are winning 2-0 or 3-0. This has been repeated several times on other computers and I like that the others value this 1-0 scoreline, which has been seen a lot lately”, concluded the Atlético de Madrid coach.

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