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Simeone’s enigmatic response on the ‘Negreira case’: “When a door opens, then a window opens”

Diego Pablo Simeone, coach of Atl├ętico de Madrid, made a strange assessment of the ‘Negreira case’ two days after the Prosecutor’s Office decided to denounce FC Barcelona and in the midst of the open war between Real Madrid, which has reported that it is going to appear as an accusation, and the blaugrana club, with Joan Laporta defending the entity. “When a door closes, a window opens”said the Argentine coach, a phrase that many have interpreted as an allusion to the white team.

“These are issues that have to be resolved by the people who have to resolve them. We have the illusion that it will be resolved so that we can all understand let’s play with the same tools all the teams. When a door closes, a window opens,” said Cholo.

Laporta and Florentino.

Regarding the match against Girona this Monday, the mattress coach admitted that his team is coming at a good time. “The truth is that the team is excitedEither those who have to enter at the start or those who have to wait to enter are doing well. It was always one of our tools to compete at the highest level. Hopefully we can sustain it from here to the end,” Simeone explained.

“There is a search and a path that the team, in these last two or three months, began to feel more comfortable and more secure. From there, the one who enters knows what he has to do. Rodrigo dePaul He has returned from low to high this past week, we need him and he is a very important player for our game due to his personality and his vision of the game. But there is one good competition in this sector and it is the best thing that can happen to us”valued the Argentine coach.

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