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Sergio Ramos explodes after falling in the Champions League with PSG: “The bitch that gave birth to Paris. His bitch mother…”

He Paris Saint-Germain was eliminated last Wednesday from the UEFA Champions League in the round of 16 by fifth time in seven yearsthis time victim of Bayern Munich. The Parisians arrived with a defeat by the minimum at home, and They aspired to come back at the Allianz Arenabut they succumbed to the Bavarians with hardly any danger, and showing an attitude that was too lenient to consider the machada, despite having stars like Mbappé or Messi on the grass.

PSG lost without showing off grit, delivery and courageminimum requirements that can be demanded when competing in Europe, except for a player who has made a career based on those values. Sergio Ramos was the best of his in the complete tie, and curiously he was the one who created the most danger with two head butts that did not find the bottom of the tights miraculously in the turn.

At the end of the tie, in addition, it was the first to approach the Parisian fans flown to Munich for the match to greet and thank them for their support. Total attitude of the captain who was at Real Madrid and in the Spanish National Team, but that he cannot exercise as such at PSG. However, there was a detail that did not go unnoticed by the #Vamos cameras, and that shows the frustration with which the Sevillian lives his current stage in Paris.

Once he moved away from the visiting stands, the Andalusian footballer looked around in disbeliefand unloaded all the impotence and anger of the moment with a phrase that has gone viral, attacking his current club and the city where he now resides and lives: “The bitch that gave birth to Paris. The f***ing mother of her…“Without a doubt, Ramos did not end up happy with the elimination, nor with the attitude of his teammates, and perhaps he released those insults after remember the old days in Europe with Real Madrid.

Not in vain, the Allianz Arena is a stadium with very good memories for the center In 2014, he scored two of the four goals for the meringues in the second leg of the Champions League semifinals against the team led by Pep Guardiola, weeks before his historic goal in Lisbon, the minute 93. Beyond, furthermore, also managed to beat the Bavarians on their own fiefdom in 2017 and 2018, in the quarterfinals and semifinals respectively. Years in which raised the ‘orejona’ as captain of Real Madrid.

Last year, the camero was injured and he could not participate in the round of 16 that PSG lost against the team of his life, Real Madrideventual winner of the European Cup in 2022. He did not return to compete at the Santiago Bernabéu, and after what he saw and experienced on Wednesday in Germany, he has probably wondered again, if he ever stopped doing it, why did he leave Madrid to join the club led by Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

Kylian Mbappé during PSG-Bayern.

Some speculate about a power struggle between Florentino, René (Sergio’s brother and agent) and the footballer himself, who wanted to command more than anyone in the dressing room, others believe that he left for money, but the only real thing for sure is that he left 16 years later from his house, from his homeWhere was it idol and captain.

Sergio Ramos in the match against Bayern Munich.

It is often said thatOutside Madrid it’s very cold‘, and the Sevillian could feel it in his flesh in Munich, while trying to find an answer to that question: Why did I leave Real Madrid?

Ramos defends himself on Twitter

The controversial words of Sergio Ramos have gone viral to such an extent that The central defender himself had to come out on Twitter to deny them. Specifically, the Sevillian player explained the following: “I don’t usually go into these things, but I don’t want something that hasn’t happened to be taken for granted. At no time do I say Paris, I make a disappointed sound “pssss” or “pfff” in the context of an expression (naughty, yes) What do we usually say in football?“.

Let’s not invent or search where there isn’t” Ramos asks his followers to finish, trying to downplay the matter. However, if you watch the video well, you can read the lips of the cameraman perfectly, demonstrating that he is effectively referring to Paris and PSG in those terms, although the protagonist’s version of what happened must always prevail.

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