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Sergio Ramos denies the insult to Paris: “Let’s not invent or look where there is none”

Sergio Ramos He is the center of the target at PSG, after the elimination of his team from the Champions League against Bayern Munich, after the television cameras recorded him lamenting the European fiasco.

The footballer from Camas, who is in the best form since he signed for the French club, has had to resort to his social networks to give his version of what he supposedly said, Given the barrage of criticism he has received, for the statements that were transcribed: ”The bitch that gave birth to Paris. The f***ing mother of her”.

”I don’t usually go into these things, but I don’t want something that hasn’t happened to be taken for granted. At no time do I say ParisI make a sound of disappointment “pssss” or “pfff”… in the context of an expression (swearing, yes) that we usually say in soccer. Let’s not invent or search where there is none”explained the camero.

However, the former captain of the Spanish team published, in his official profiles, how the team was after the tough elimination in the round of 16, trying to normalize the situation. “(We are) deeply disappointed in you and in us. We were not at the level required by the Champions League. We did not know how to handle the key details and the main objective escapes us. It’s painful, but champions are reborn from defeat and forged in adversity. We will be back!”.

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