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Scandal with Kyle Walker: a video is filtered in which he is drunk, groping a woman and showing his genitals in public

Kyle Walker, right back of Manchester City, has been captured being unfaithful to his wife in an obvious drunken state by the security cameras of a bar in the English city, and will be investigated by the Cheshire Police.

The authorities have intervened in the matter by going viral a video that shows the footballer, who is married to Annie Kilner and has four children, kissing another woman, touching her breasts and showing her genitals in the middle of the premises, for what will be under investigation for “indecent exposure”reports the newspaper the sun.

The events occurred on the afternoon of this past Sunday, one day after the defender started in the victory (0-2) of the citizens against Newcastle. A fundamental victory to continue in the fight for the Premier League, currently led by Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal.

Walker spent about an hour and a half inside the bar, where he arrived drunk in a minibus along with several friends, and the images show the player drinking shots and beer, dancing provocatively with another woman, touching her breasts and kissing. Later, the Englishman lowers his pants and shows his genitals.

In the event that the player is convicted of an offense of indecent exposure, he could face a imprisonment or financial penaltypoints to the same means.

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