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Ramos responds on the field to his exclusion from the national team: he was once again the best of PSG


Sergio Ramos’ adventure at Paris Saint-Germain began crookedly, with the injured camero, far from his best level once recovered, and questioned in France, where his continuity as the Ligue 1 champion was beginning to be questioned. All that is now behind us, as the defender has settled in defense from Christophe Galtier’s team based on good performances.

The last one was this Wednesday, in the vital match against Bayern Munich in which the Parisians played their permanence in the Champions League. There was no French miracle at the Allianz Arena, which saw the Bavarian team seal the pass to the quarterfinals with a 2-0 score, but the Spanish defender became PSG’s best footballeras already happened in the first leg.

Ramos was once again the team leader in practically all facets of the game: he was very attentive to the cut and avoided some dangerous plays from the rival (he won three of the three duels he had), he also reigned in aerial duels (he won five of six), he stood out powerfully in the ball out, managing to complete six long passes of the seven he attempted, and brushed the goal on two occasions.

Kylian Mbappé laments in the Champions League match against Bayern Munich.

The Sevillian was the footballer who most believed in the comeback. This is evidenced by their continuous rises to the rival area in the final stretch of the game, and his despair at seeing the ball not go into Yann Sommer’s goal after his powerful headers off two corner kicks.

His performance in a scenario of maximum demand -eighth of the maximum European competition against a rival of the caliber of Bayern- reopens the debate around the decision of Luis de la Fuente, current national coach, not to summon the one who For many he is still the best Spanish center back.

“He has informed me that he does not count nor will he count on meregardless of the level I can show or how I continue my sports career”, Ramos assured that the coach had told him through a phone call, so it is not expected that the former Real Madrid player be part of the first call from La Rioja, scheduled for next Friday, March 17, ahead of the two matches of La Roja in the qualifying phase for the 2024 Euro Cup.


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