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Nike creates exclusive shoes for Alcaraz with his grandfather’s motto: “Head, heart and balls”


Carlos Alcaraz continues in the fight for world number one without eliminating from his mind the mythical phrase that his grandfather instilled in him, “Head, Heart and Balls”, a motto that has already been immortalized on the skin and that will now enter his personal collection of sneakers. This is how the tennis player himself has shown it to the world, through Instagram, when he has shown the special edition that Nike has created for him.

The tennis player from Palmar showed the latest jewel in his collection of ‘sneakers’, a pair that has great detail. On one of its sides the already famous motto shines in silver, on the other, the smileys that represent each of the three words.

The tennis player Carlos Alcaraz in a press conference.

At the moment, the Spanish will not sport the motto on his game shoes, because this special edition has only been created for its street sports shoes. Of course, the Murcian does not separate himself from the motivating phrase of his grandfather, since he always carries it with him in a tattoo.

Now, focused on the message, the Murcian seeks to regain world number one in Indian Wellsa tournament in which the leader Novak Djokovic will not be present due to the restrictions for the unvaccinated still in force in the United States.


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