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Medvedev, unstoppable in Dubai

Daniil Medvedev has been until today the The only tennis player capable of defeating the world number one so far this year, the Serbian Novak Djokovic. However, as if that recognition were not little, he is going through a sweet moment of play and form, rounded off this Saturday with the triumph in the tournament in Dubaithe third that he achieves in this 2023 in a row.

Medvedev has defeated his compatriot in said final Andrey Rublev, last champion in Dubai, 6-2 and 6-2, almost without ruffling. An incontestable victory, the fourteenth in a row that gives him success in this tournament as he did before in Doha and Rotterdam. Unstoppable.

Since the last Australian Open, the Moscow player, once number one in the world, he has won every game he has played. He has not found a rival or opponent at his level, and he has had them very complicated and very varied, so on Monday he will have climbed another position in the ATP ranking and will appear as sixth in the world

Medvedev regained authority over Rublev in Dubai, whom he had defeated in five of the seven previous meetings that both had starred so far. However, the last two, in Cincinnati in 2021 and at the 2022 ATP Finals, victory fell to Rublev’s side.

Did not meet excessive resistance Daniil Medvedev to increase his resume to eighteen trophies, three in this 2023. He broke Rublev’s serve in the first game and already maintained the imbalance and the advantage until the final stretch of the sleeve.

Rublev did not react and after four games of some balance (2-2), Medvedev accelerated and won four consecutive sets to close the victory after one hour and nine minutes. A piece of cake for the Russian tennis player, who continues to prepare for the ‘Grand Slam’ that is approaching on the horizon, not so far away.

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