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Laporta does not believe in coincidences: “Behind the ‘Negreira case’ there is a campaign to harm Barça’s interests”


The president of Barcelona, Joan Laportais not going through the best moment of his new Blaugrana mandate since the so-called ‘Negreira case’. For this reason, this Tuesday he did not want to avoid it either and he has addressed it in the best possible way, showing his face in an act organized by the Godó Group at the Círculo Ecuestre in Barcelona.

“We have prepared a press conference to talk about this topic, today I have come to have lunch with you. But Barça has never dedicated itself to buying referees or influencing all this. We have never had this intention, emphatically“The maximum culé president began his plea, who was encouraged from here and entered the rag to try to explain and justify what happened.

Although in an elusive way, with great prudence, Laporta continued talking about the Enríquez Negreira scandal, and once again pointed out the club’s entourage and its ‘enemies’ as cheerleaders for a campaign against Barça just at its best moment of the season: “The forcefulness of the facts contradicts those who try to change the story. Nothing is by chance. Now that we’re starting to go well…“.

As part of that anti-Barça campaign, Laporta also singled out La Liga as an organization as a whole as one of his main instigators: “Behind this specific case there is a campaign to harm the interests of Barcelona, very oriented to control the club. LaLiga has not accepted that Barça has not signed the contract with CVC, which forced us to sell part of the television rights for half a century.”

“We are aware that We cannot govern with a lever, but with a feasibility planbut I see that lately only negative news come out. They present me as…, in short, articles that I don’t even want to comment on that try to attack me personally. They didn’t like that we hired Limak to remodel the stadium… Those who I see that have interests in controlling Barcelona are LaLiga and CVC“said the Barça leader, who started coming up as he spoke.

Albert Perrín, former director of Barça.

Medina Cantalejo.

There is the will to drown ourselves financially to convert Barça into a Public Limited Company. I am going to defend the club’s ownership model, it is what motivates me the most. That’s why they won’t let us sign (problems with fair play) and we have to be forced to find imaginative solutions; how to make a competitive team by reducing the wage bill” explained Laporta.

The Catalan lawyer and culé president was very convinced of the existence of hidden private interests behind these shadowy maneuvers for the blaugrana club to become SAD, and come to be controlled by other agents. However, he forcefully guaranteed that it will never happen: “As long as I am president of Barcelona, ​​the partner and the partner will own Barça. And I hope that when I’m not there, too.”

One of those indicated by Laporta as part of this ‘conspiracy’ to destroy Barça and take control of it is none other than the president of the League himself, javier thebesto whom he also dedicated a few words during the act: “I don’t see logic for him to make fun of BarcelonaHe is the president of the League and must work for the interests of the clubs, also for those of Barça. I don’t understand how sometimes he makes comments that are part of the confidentiality between clubs.”

He has shown an obsession with Barçabut I hope that the relationship between La Liga and Barça improves, because being at odds does not benefit La Liga or us. But for the record, it is he who constantly puts up obstacles, as seen with fair play and his comments“The Barcelona president reproached Tebas, with whom he maintains several open conflict fronts: ‘Negreira case’, agreement with CVC, Super League…

What Laporta was unaware of, while he was participating in the colloquium, is that at those precise moments it came to light that The Prosecutor’s Office will present a complaint against FC Barcelona and its former president Josep María Bartomeu in court for the payments made to the former vice-president of the referees, José María Enríquez Negreira, specifically accusing the club of a crime of corruption in business.


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