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Laporta counterattacks and answers Madrid: “Now we are all here, many will have to rectify”

He official statement issued by Real Madrid this Sunday, after an emergency meeting of its Board of Directors, condemning the facts related to the ‘Negreira case’ and confirming that They will appear as a private prosecution and “injured party” In the judicial process initiated by the Prosecutor’s Office, it has finished blowing up the scandal, with all the cards already on the table and a litigation that is expected to be intense and belligerent.

At least that is the conclusion that can be drawn from the words of the Barça president, Joan Laporta, on his personal Twitter profile. The maximum president blaugrana has wanted ‘answer’ without mentioning Madrid at any timebut making it clear that the message is addressed to them, fundamentally to their president, Florentino Pérez.

“Culers, be calm. Barça is innocent of what they are accused of and victim of a campaign against his honor in which now they are all. No surprise, we will defend Barça and demonstrate the Club’s innocence. Many will have to rectify” Laporta warned on Twitter, dropping that hint at Real Madrid (now they are all here), and repeating once again the speech of the last month: Barça is only the victim of persecution.

In the text shared by the Barça president, both in Spanish, Catalan and English, there is no trace of self-criticism despite not finding himself as a defendant, but as a witness; nor does it seem that there will be, at least in the public sphere. The leader has called his fans to unite with the hashtag #TotsUnitsFemForçain what he considers a plan conspired by the Madrid press and the central government to harm Barça “when it is better”, as he already dropped in previous interventions.

For the part that concerns Madrid, although the message of the tweet is addressed to many more people (League, RFEF, press), both Pérez and Laporta had been good partners up to now, and in fact there is no direct mention of the white club, probably due to the good relations between the two leaders. However, from Madrid there are already sources that indicate that the club will seek to break relations completely with the Catalans, something for which Laporta seems to be preparing.

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