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How to get a The North Face jacket for less than 85 euros and other coats at half price for a limited time

Our gaze (and attitude) is already set on the spring and it is that there are less than two weeks left before it breaks into our lives and brings us more hours of light, the time change and, also, annoying allergies. However, the high temperatures that are reaching the peninsula this week bring this season ahead of us, so who doesn’t already think of taking the coolest clothes out of the closet? In fact, we are looking forward put away coats, blankets and sweaters until next fallalways trying to occupy as little as possible in our saturated closet.

Padded coats are the most 'trendy' of the season.

However, despite the fact that we feel like wearing jackets between seasons, buying thermal coats now is a good decision, either to be able to launch the next season or because our future plans require this type of garment. A spring excursion through the mountains in which we must be well equipped in case we encounter low temperatures if we reach high altitudes or a trip to destinations at opposite poles may be some of the situations in which we need these garments. Besides, many brands activate promotions to get rid of the stock end of seasonso we can find quality clothing at a very good price.

This is the case of the coats and jackets by The North Face, one of the favorite brands of mountaineers and those who bet on high-quality options, even if they involve some investment. In fact, the firm’s garments are among the most desired, but not always the most attainable since, although they are highly durable and very effective, we cannot always afford their prices. Unless we come across promotions like the one that El Corte Inglés has activated for a limited time: until March 9, part of the firm’s catalog is reduced by up to 60%, with coats and jackets being one of the most popular garments that now we can get at 50% of its usual cost.

The North Face coats at half price

The First Dawn jacket, made from fully recycled fabrics, is light, breathable and in a striking and beautiful blue colour. Designed for sports practice, it has a ventilation lining on the upper part of the back and a security pocket so you don’t lose anything along the way. The logotype? Reflective, so as not to go unnoticed.

It is a light and foldable version that takes up little space inside a backpack.
It is a light and foldable version that takes up little space inside a backpack.
The English Court

The Pallie women’s jacket from The North Face, in black and pink, is one of the garments that can now be purchased at half price in the El Corte Inglés catalogue. It is a garment, according to the description, ultra warm, waterproof and designed to protect from the most extreme conditionswith taped seams and a durable water-repellent finish.

The pockets have a specific hole to take out the cables of the devices.
The pockets have a specific hole to take out the cables of the devices.
The English Court

For them, the Futurelight Dryzzle jacket is one of the models that is 50% off. This lightweight garment, the most versatile in the collection according to the brand itself, is breathable and waterproof thanks to its sealed seams. It has an interior chest pocket to keep our belongings safe (and always close at hand!). In addition, it is comfortable to transport, since it can be folded up to be stored in its own pocket.

It folds up into its own pocket.
It folds up into its own pocket.
The English Court

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