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How to choose the best Christmas tree


The fact of going to buy a Christmas tree has happened to many of us and choosing one that we think will more or less fit, that will more or less look good and that is more or less what we wanted.

When we later place the tree at home, it is very possible that it is not what we expected, but it is not the time to be upset about it either, after all, it is Christmas time and there are more important things.

But that doesn’t erase the fact that it’s a Christmas tree out of conformity and not because it’s exactly what we like.

Because this is something that happens more often than it may seem, we have decided to write about everything that will help you choose the best Christmas treeso that these holidays, finally, we have just what we have always wanted.

Natural or artificial?

This is the first big dilemma, for many, when buying a Christmas tree.

You can choose a natural treewhich we should acquire in a place that allow us to return it to replant it and in this way show the little ones in the house how important it is have an environmental conscience.

If we choose a synthetic tree we will have a more ecological bet and that will allow us to have the tree that we like for several years without having to go out and buy one every Christmas.

within what they are trees synthetics can be distinguished type series because they have different characteristics:

  • Traditional: they are what they emulate to be the trees of a lifetime with green leaves, leafy and with bushy branches. That is, as it is a natural one, but that will not expire.
  • Snowy: You can choose those that emulate that it has snowed, so the branches are slightly covered to make it look like it has just snowed.
  • slim type: are those that are used for small places, which means that they are just as high as the others, but much narrower.
  • enlightened: We will be able to take home those that have built-in LED lights and that already have preset lighting.

azorex Christmas TreeGiulia Grillo

What should we look for to buy our Christmas tree

There are a series of details that can help us to decide in a better way to acquire the best Christmas tree that we want.

Once we have made the first big decision, that is, if we want it synthetic or natural, touch think about some questions and thus be much clearer what type of tree is going to be the best for us.

how much space do we have

It is absolutely paramount know the space where we are going to place the Christmas tree, since that will determine a lot what type and with what shape we want said accessory.

If we want it to be a large, leafy tree, but we don’t have much space around it, it would be best to buy a Slim type or look for a natural one that is as narrow as possible.

In the event that space is not a problem, we can buy the one we want, whether it is a tall, medium or small tree, that is, the one that fits exactly what we request.

HOMCOM Christmas Tree

tree size

Here we may slightly enter personal tastesbut we must also be aware of the place where we are going to put it and the decoration that accompanies it.

It may be the case that, when placing, for example, in the living room, an extremely ornate and large one, it does not look good if the style of our decoration is minimalist and with not too many elements. But neither does a small or nondescript Christmas tree look good in a room with a lot of square meters.

The solution can go through buy a medium sizewhich can look good in any type of space, since in a very large house they will fill the space well and in a medium or small size house it could seem larger than it actually is.

Shareconn Christmas Tree

ceilings of the room

something we owe look at the ceilings where we are going to place the tree.

If they are tall we will have practically no problem, but if they are not, it is convenient for us to buy a less stretched tree and wider at its base.

We differentiate it from the previous section because many times when people look at the space they only have in mind the place where it is going to be placed, regardless of height as a relevant measure.

Normally, the sizes in the artificial ones move between the 90,120,150, 180, 210 cm height. The natural ones, as is normal, should be know your height by measuring it at the time of purchase and, of course, knowing how much there is from the floor to the ceiling of the place where we want to place it.

Yorbay Christmas Tree

Decoration included or personalized

When we buy a tree, we also have to consider the ornaments we haveto try to take advantage of them and not have to spend more money on this type of add-ons.

If we are going to acquire a synthetic one, we can opt for the ones that are already decorated and so we don’t have to waste energy doing it (here is the rule to know how many elements to install), although having children at home this will be something we won’t be able to get rid of.

What could be a solution for many people are those who bring enlightenmentsince they can be decorated like any other, but when it comes to having to place the lights, this action would no longer be necessary.

If we take into account everything that we have told you in this article, we will make our Christmas tree the perfect one to decorate our house on these endearing dates that are approaching, whatever type it is and whatever size it is.

You can write to our social networks to tell us which Christmas tree you have chosen and why, thus, we will know what your opinions are. In any case, if you have any questions, you can also post them on any of the networks that we have at your disposal.


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