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Guide to buying the best home digital blood pressure monitor


Update: To all the information that was already in this article, we have added a section where we explain the differences between a digital blood pressure monitor and a manual one. In this way, you will have more clarity because, at the user level, it is better to have one that does not require external knowledge.

As is evident, if there is something that is essential for us, that is health. This is the most important thing for all of us and much more after having experienced a global pandemic like COVID.

We have certain devices that can help us with our health, as prevention, and even as control of certain parts of the body, which would be completely impossible for us if it weren’t for them.

We have at our disposal digital thermometers that can measure if we currently have a fever, smart scales to control our weight and body volume, or smart watches that control our heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen, or stress, among other things.

But there is a type of device that can be essential in our health care, since it will allow us to control something as relevant and vital as blood pressure.

blood pressure monitors They have a really high importance in the care and prevention of our health. That does not mean that for many people they are great strangers and do not know exactly which one to buy.

For this reason we are going to try to clear up all doubts and provide you with all the necessary information so that you can choose the best one for yourselves and your family.

Guide and tips for buying a digital blood pressure monitor for home:

What is a blood pressure monitor and what exactly is it used for?

A tensiometer (sphygmomanometer or baumanometer) in an instrument that allows us to allows you to measure blood pressure, either at a professional level (medicine) or at home. What this device is about is measure the force exerted by blood flow as it travels through blood vessels.

We are talking about an extremely important type of measurement, since it is so bad to have very high values, which gives rise to arterial hypertensionas values ​​below what we should have, leading to hypotension.

In either case, we are talking about health problems that could lead to a stroke.

Fortunately today we have at our disposal many automatic digital blood pressure monitors to keep track of our blood pressure. brands like Omron, Beurer, Withings and Medisana They are the main exponents of this type of apparatus.

How it works: the results

As we have already told you before, this is a device that allows you to measure blood pressure, that is, how is the performance of the arteries and the heart.

When we put on a digital blood pressure monitor or go to the doctor to be told what our blood pressure is, the typical reading is always in the style of 115/85to give you an example.

We will interpret this as measure 115 referring to the maximum output pressure of the heart (systolic reading) and 85 as the pressure when the heart is relaxed (diastolic reading).

How to use a digital blood pressure monitor

When we want to use a digital blood pressure monitor, we will divide the process into two parts.

One of them is the factors and the position in which we should be so that the reading is as correct as possible, while the other part is that it is what we must do so that the device gives us the results.

Digital tensiometer

In order for the device to provide us with reliable data, more than half an hour must have passed since we ate, smoked, drank alcohol or any other stimulating substance.

Then you have to:

  • be at rest for 5 minutes without speaking.
  • We must sit in a chairwithout crossing your legs and with your back fully supported on the backrest.
  • Next, what we must do is put your left arm on the table at the level of the heart.

Once we meet all these parameters, we are going to place the cuff around upper armfair above the elbow.

Something that many people doubt about how much tension is measured, is where exactly the bracelet should be. Well, you should always be about 2 cm or 3 cm from the elbow crease.

When it is placed in the right place, press the power button of the tensiometer, moment in which the band of the cuff will begin to inflate automatically to reach a point where he will stop inflating it, letting air out and indicating on the display the maximum voltage, the minimum and the pulsations of our heart per minute.

If we use a wrist blood pressure monitor everything will be exactly the same, the only thing that the placement of the device itself should be in the own wrist, always palm up.

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Differences between a digital blood pressure monitor and a manual one

The main difference It is found in the way of handling one and the other. He digital blood pressure monitor does not need any kind of knowledgeit is simply pressing a button and little else, as we have already seen.

However, the version manual yes, it must be accompanied by other facets like that of a stethoscope to listen to the heartbeat at elbow height and, at the same time, keep an eye on the pressure valve. To this we must add that we must pump manually.

In addition, digital blood pressure monitors use batteries or are connected to the electrical network, while the manual ones (as their own word indicates) have to be pumped with their hands.

Details to take into account in a digital blood pressure monitor

We should take into account certain details when buying a new blood pressure monitor. some we could consider as optional, although many of them are really very useful.

We can say that what we must take into account to buy a good digital blood pressure monitor is the following:

  • Functioning: Although the vast majority of digital blood pressure monitors currently sold are fulfilled, the first thing we must see is that its operation is as simple as we have explained lines above.
  • Homologation: Of course, another of the things that we must reliably look at in a device of this type is that it is approved by the different authorities, such as the Spanish Society of Cardiography (SEC), the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) or the Spanish Society of Cardiography. Arterial Hypertension (SEH), in addition to the Ministry of Health.
  • Wrist or arm: There are two types, one that is placed on the arm and the other that is placed on the wrist. Both can offer us some results, but all the experts assure that the most reliable are those that are placed with a bracelet.
  • Bracelet: If we decide on the type of blood pressure monitor that is placed with a bracelet, we must know that we can find measurements from 22 to 42 centimeters, so we should purchase the one that best suits our arm.
  • Arrhythmia detection system: As we have already mentioned before, in addition to measuring the maximum and minimum tension, digital blood pressure monitors also provide us with information about the heart rate or pulse. There are some on the market that have an arrhythmia detection system, something that is optional, but extremely interesting.
  • Saving of information: Another of the characteristics that many of the devices have to measure blood pressure digitally is being able to save the results and thus have greater control of the different measurements.
  • Multi-user: If several people are going to use the digital blood pressure monitor at home, it may be convenient to buy those that have the multi-user function, that is, they allow the measurements of each one to be saved independently.

With everything that we have just told you, you will now be able to acquire a digital blood pressure monitor that adapts to what you need and to your circumstances.

In addition, with all this information you will better understand how digital blood pressure monitors work and how they should be used.


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