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Guide and tips to buy a massage gun for yourself

When we have pain in the legs, neck or back, to give you three examples, it is really good to be able to relieve them thanks to a massage gun that we could have at home.

The problem is that this type of device is not that they are very widespread and it is not something that is known about at first, since there will even be users who do not even know exactly what they are.

Even as little by little they have become more and more fashionable, a lot of brands and models begin to appear to complicate life even more for those who do not know which one to opt for. on Telegram on Telegram

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It may be a complex world with many possibilities, which increases the difficulty if you are not a somewhat knowledgeable person in this world.

Precisely for this reason we are going to try to make you understand something better, what they are, how they work, what their characteristics are and what they can do for us, in addition to knowing what to look for to buy the one that is best on a personal level.

  1. Therabody Theragun Prime
  2. Renpho
  3. Mebak 5
  4. Oppove M3 Pro
  5. Open Apex

What is a muscle massage gun?

When we talk about a muscle massage gun, we are referring to a device designed to treat the muscles through what is called percussion or vibration therapy.

The pulsations it produces soften stiff muscles and soothe surrounding tissue, making the entire area totally relaxed.

These guns allow us to let us be the ones who relieve ourselves with the massage and thus improve the recovery of the area that needs treatment due to fatigue, overload or pain.

Obviously, if the ailment is serious, we should be treated by a professional who is the one who will best treat us for the injury we carry.

Benefits of massage guns

We have already told you lines above that they are perfect for the recovery of an area where there is pain in the muscle mainly, since that is when they are usually used at an amateur level.

But even so, it can have many more benefits, such as:

  • uniform massage: One of the best parts is that this type of device always gives a massage of equal depth throughout the entire process, so we don’t have to worry about irregularities in this regard.
  • the knots: the contractions of the muscle fibers are also called knots, something for which the massage gun is highly prepared and with which we can alleviate it.
  • Joints: the neck, knees, elbows, shoulders and ankles are the joints that suffer the most from physical exertion. It is in them that the best gun can work to relax.
  • fatigue recovery: these guns are capable of stimulating blood circulation so that more oxygen reaches the muscles and tissues, better recovering from fatigue.
  • Stress: headache, muscle stiffness and contractures can be caused by stress. These types of guns make these sequels disappear, so they are of great help to control this type of anxiety that haunts so many people in our society.
  • Welfare: it has been shown that massages with this product cause the body to emit hypothalamus, which is the source of happiness hormonesomething that has not been able to be duplicated in any laboratory.

What should we look for when buying a massage gun?

If you want to buy a massage gun you must be aware of certain parameters with which you should get, the one that best suits what you need.

What you should look at when buying are a series of features like the ones we are going to discuss right now.


We put the design at the top of this list, because it really is not something that should influence whether a device is better or worse. So you can keep the one you like the most.

Each brand tries to be original, although there are more or less three types of designs such as: triangular frame, saw frame and standard handheld.

Size and weight

Within the size you can differentiate two types of guns. One more on a personal level than consists of a single headthat They are smaller and that they are ideal for people who seek to relieve certain areas that are overloaded, tense or with some pain.

Then there are the more professional pistols, where you can swap heads depending on the areas of the body. These are the devices used by physiotherapists, sports doctors and professional athletes, being larger size.

Regarding weight, we should not fall into the trap that the heavier, the more efficient and resistant. It is not like this.

The most correct weight goes from 750 to 1,300 grams approximately.


It may be that the older models were really noisy, but the truth is that the motors of today’s pistols move between 40 and 70 dBa bearable amount without problems.

If we exceed 70 dB, we must consider it excessively noisy, being ideal for it to make hardly any noise to get one with less than 50 dB.

capacity and percussion

The capacity of the gun, technically called as amplitude, is the ability of the gun to reach the muscles.

Yes, it is true that we can use our hands to gain capacity, since it is only necessary to press the gun against the skin.

The real amplitude is the one that each gun marks, without our help. The following table will make it very clear.

Width (of gun mm)
10 – 12mm soft tissue massage
13 – 16mm Deep tissue massage (The usual in guns)
17 – 20mm Deeper (Very rare)

The percussion is the amount of force the motor applies to the gun, always measured in lbs.

Obviously, the more percussion force, the more powerful the massage will be. The guns that give soft massages move between 20 and 30 lbs, the standard between 30 to 50 lbs, while the most powerful ones exceed 50 lbs.


Although there are some that have a fixed speed, the best thing is that we can choose between several speeds, the most modern being those that go on a range from 1,400 rpm to 2,800 rpm.

We say that the best thing is that we can vary the speed, to be able to adjust it to each part of the body, something that is highly recommended.


The normal thing is that the battery manages to give us several massages before it runs out, since the normal thing is that the autonomy of these guns is between 2 to 8 hoursbut taking into account that a massage of more than 20 minutes in a rowthe durability of the product will give for several repetitions.

There is no unanimity in the concept of batteries, because some pistols have them removable and others fixed. The main difference is that removable ones are more versatilethat is, you can have a spare charge, while the fixed load with much more speed.


As we already told you, the professional or semi-professional pistols come with heads different for different areas of the body with different sizes.

They can bring a round head, a flat head, a bullet-shaped head and a U-shaped head, among others, each one for an area of ​​the body.

massage gun accessories

Now that we know all the data, we can say that the minimum that we should require in a massage gun is that its weight is about 1,200 grams or less, that the battery lasts for at least 2 hours and that its noise does not exceed 60 dB. In everything else it will be to the taste of each one.

If you have bought one, we will be delighted if you show it to us and for that we have all our social networks waiting for news from you.

Best models of massage guns

Therabody Theragun Prime

Therabody Theragun Prime

Therabody Theragun Prime

Therabody Theragun Prime-1675422558705

Muscle massager with autonomy of 120 minutes, app with integration in Apple Health and Google Fit to learn to relax your muscles after physical activities.

Possibly one of the most popular massage guns in the world. The model used by elite athletes and that went viral thanks to their social networks.

Theragun Prime by Therabody It is a very well designed muscle massage gun, with a good autonomy of 120 minutes and with different heads for muscle groups. It is a premium model that is costing around 300 euros.


Renpho Muscle Gun

Renpho Muscle Massage Gun

This brand muscle gun Renpho It is one of the most popular that you can find on Amazon that already accumulates more than 23,400 positive votes. It is a good option for those looking for good value for money.

This gun with up to 3200 rpm is silent, charges via USB-C and has a carrying case and 5 different heads. It is not bad at all considering that between offers and coupons you will find it for less than 90 euros.

Mebak 5

Mebak 5

Mebak 5

Mebak 5 It is a good option among muscle massage guns that has everything you may need, such as a transport case for the machine and its 6 heads.

It has 5 speeds, an LCD screen that indicates the speed and power used, as well as a autonomy of 6 hours.

It is a good option under 100 euros.

Oppove M3 Pro

Oppove M3 Pro

Oppove M3 Pro

Opove M3 Pro is a muscle gun with an LCD screen that will give you information on its use and up to 2500 rpm to press your muscles.

It has a range of 4 to 8 hours and a 30-minute automatic shutdown protection. Its price is about 100 euros and in addition to a transport case it comes with 6 different heads.

Open Apex

Open Apex

Open Apex

If you are looking for a high-end option Open Apex It is a good option, which has an excellent design and good grip.

It has a 14.5mm percussion, an autonomy of 6 to 8 hours with an automatic shutdown of 30 minutes and 6 heads for different areas of the body. It is available on Amazon for about 175 euros.

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