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Four Betis fans arrested for violent acts at Old Trafford

Manchester police arrested Thursday four Real Betis fans at Old Trafford for the disorder caused during the match against Manchester United, in which they threw flares and other objects into the stands. During the incident, a policeman was injuredas reported this Friday by the Greater Manchester Police in a statement.

Around 3,600 away fans attended the match last night at Old Trafford, with the vast majority of them being respectful, both in the previous and during the game. in the meeting, various flares and pyrotechnic devices were used by Betis fans, as well as some objects were thrown, which resulted in a police officer injured as a result of a flare thrown by a member of the visiting fans,” the police explained.

A group of 50 people fought with the stadium security personnel, with the police and with the local fansso additional police units were deployed to keep the situation under control.

As a result of this, four Betis fans were arrested for “violent conduct”, “assault”, “possession of flares inside the stadium” and “possession of drugs”. Two of them remain in police custody for questioning.

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