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Former NBA player Shawn Kemp arrested after firing a gun in a mall

Shawn Kemp, one of the best-known NBA players in the 1990s, booked into pierce county jail (Washington) after being arrested for participating in a shooting from the shopping center where he was.

Apparently, Kemp managed to locate the phone that, hours before, had been stolen. In this meeting with the usurpers, the former NBA player had to intervene “in self-defense.” Police recovered a firearm and reported that there was no no injured in the altercation that occurred in Tacoma.

After being arrested and spending a night in jail, Kemp, 53, He was released. Likewise, and after Shawn’s statement, prosecutors refused to press charges against of one of the Seattles’ biggest stars in the 90s.

Kemp’s lawyer, Scott Boatman, explained that his client had a ”legal and reasonable justification” for firing the weapon in the mall parking lot alleging that criminals attacked the former NBA star first.

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