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Everything you need to know to buy LED light strips

LED light strips are not accessories that are placed precisely because of the volume of light that they incorporate into the room, but rather because of the design and originality that they incorporate into the place where they are placed.

This type of accessory is very common in gaming environmentssince it was there that all the taste for LED lights began, incorporating them into the general design of the rooms where gaming tables, curved monitors, ergonomic sports chairs and keyboards where colors were also present.

But little, LED light strips have been expanding and now it is not strange to see some in bedrooms, living rooms and even in the kitchen.

The truth is that knowing where to place them and having taste without excessive saturation, they are a perfect complement, which will give a touch of originality to the stayin addition to light more elegantly.

Which LED light strips to choose

You must have certain clear details and characteristics to be able to choose the best of the LED light strips that are sold on the market right now, that is, the one that is the one you need for your needs.

If we take into account everything that we are going to tell you, we will be able to get the strips that best fit what we want to illuminate and where we consider placing it.

Lepro LED Strip

LED chip

He LED chip is the one that commands the entire stripboth in lighting, intensity, frequency, design, size and everything that has to do with its operation.

The way to name this type of chips is quite simple at first, if we don’t go too deep into the others.

Types of LEDs by their chip

They start with SMD (Surface Mount Device) to later see the LED diode sizeso, if we talk about the SMD5050 chip, it will mean that its dimensions are 5.0 x 5.0 millimeters.

The normal thing is that we use the SMD3528, SMD5050 chips and more sporadically we can find the SMD3020 and SMD2835.

Chip SMD3529 SMD5050 SMD3020 SMD2835
Dimensions in mm 3.5×2.8 5.0×5.0 3.0 x 2.0 2.8×3.5
power in watts 0.08 0.2 0.06 0.2
lumens 4-8 24 5 14-25
Efficiency 120 120 80 70

LED strip length

Since we already know the type of LED that is normally sold and its powers, the next thing we must analyze is the strip lengthwith which we will also know how many elements will make it up.

The longer the strip, we must be clear that the voltage must be higher to get all of it to work in the best possible way. The normal thing is that the voltage moves in the 5, 12 and 24 volts for those with direct current DCand the 220V for those who do it with AC alternating current.

The difference between the two types is that while the latter can be connected directly to the mains, the former require an AC-DC power supply.

Govee LED Strips

We must be clear that those LED light strips that have very low voltages are only effective for those strips that are shortwhich means that, if we want to illuminate all the walls of a room, these are not going to help us.

So that you understand it better, the 220 V can support strips of up to 50 meterswhile those of 12 DC are satisfied with 8 meters at most.

Taking this into account, you will be able to choose the LED strip in a better way, since as you have just seen, the length is something fundamental, so we must always know it before buying any lighting system that we are talking about.

Cololight LED STRIP

The density of the lights

When we talk about density we are referring to the number of LED bulbs that the strip has per meter. That is to say, the lighting that is achieved with one that has 30 LEDs per meter is not the same as that which has 120.

This It will mark the level of lighting in the room a we must be sure that it is what we expect when we install the strip, that is, if we put one with 120 LEDs per meter, the power will not be the same as if we use one of 60.

The most advisable thing is that, if you are looking for a simple accompaniment, go for a density of 30, if you are looking for something more lighting, go up to 60 and only reach 120 LEDs per meter when you really want a good power.

Ksipze LED strip

Inside or outside

Normally, the strips leds They are for indoors, but there are also those that have IP certification to ensure that they can be placed outside the house.

The nomenclature is the following IPXX, where the first number that corresponds to the first X, is the one that marks the protection against dust, while the second is the one that marks its resistance against water.

You will better understand the levels of dust and water with these two tables.

Degree of protection
against dust
penetrating object size Protection
0 Without protection
1 50mm An object equal to or greater than 50 mm alone
can partially penetrate the material
2 12.5mm An object equal to or greater than 12.5 mm
can only partially penetrate the material
3 2.5mm An object with a diameter equal to or greater than 2.5 mm
cannot penetrate material
4 1mm An object with a diameter equal to or greater than 1 mm
cannot penetrate material
5 dust protection Dust can get inside, but not enough
how to break the device
6 Full protection against dust Dust cannot penetrate the device
degree against water Protection Evidence
0 Without protection Water will penetrate without difficulty
1 splashes Water does not penetrate when dripping from a height of 20 cm for 10 minutes
2 splashes Water does not penetrate when it drips from a height of 20 cm for 10 minutes.
The test is repeated four times from different angles.
3 spray water No spray water should enter for 5 minutes at an angle of 60 degrees,
with a pressure of 80-100 kN/m2 at 10 liters per minute
4 Waterjet No water should enter for 5 minutes at any angle,
with a pressure of 80-100 kN/m2 at 10 liters per minute
5 Waterjet Water thrown in a stream of 6.3 mm in diameter must not enter at a distance of 3 meters
for 3 minutes at any angle, with a pressure of 30 kN/m2 and 12.5 liters per minute
6 powerful water jet Water thrown in a jet of 12.5 mm in diameter must not enter at a distance of 3 meters
for 3 minutes at any angle, with a pressure of 100 kN/m2 and 100 liters per minute
7 Immersion The device must withstand complete immersion at a
maximum depth of 1 meter, for 30 minutes, without water entering
8 Immersion The manufacturer sets depth values ​​and immersion time,
but they must be higher than those of grade 7. Normally the depth goes up to 3 meters
9K hot water jet The device resists water jets up to 80 degrees

LED strip color

Currently, we can talk about two types of strips according to the color, that is, monochrome and RGB.

The monochrome strips They are those that only reproduce one color in all of it. This does not mean that there are only white ones, which is normal, but that there are some monochrome ones in other colors, but always the same, with no possibility of change.

RGB strips They have three colors such as red, green and blue to be combined and thus achieve thousands of different colors. These strips have the power to vary colors, to put only one, to combine them or to get color effects to change from one to another.

In addition, they are also capable of vary the intensity and have effects. If we want white we will get it, but it will not be as good as in the white monochromatic LED strips.

meross LED strips

The control

LED strips can be controlled by means of a control that is on the edge of the entire strip, something that is not very practical and is often uncomfortable.

You can also bring a remote control with which to control everything that is the effects and colors, in addition to turning it on and off.

Then there are the smart LED light strips that are connected by means of a mobile application and that go, either for Bluetooth or WiFi. The good thing about the latter is that they can be part of a home ecosystem and follow routines like all other devices in the home.

With everything that we have just told you, you already have all the necessary information to choose and purchase one of the LED strips that they currently sell. You can tell us which one you have chosen on our social networks.

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