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Everything you need to know to buy a security camera

Buying a security camera is not exactly an easy process, since there is a lot to choose from on the market and, unless you know about the subject, it will be difficult for you to clarify.

not just because there many models and brands at your disposal, but because they are also included in certain types, where the differences between one and the other can make some more or less appropriate for what we are looking for at that precise moment.

That is why it is important to be well informed, since it will make the difference between buying a security camera that suits our needs or a team that we have to return because it is not what we expected.

Let’s stop preambles and we are going to begin to learn more about the security cameras that we can acquire to have greater security in our home.

Advantages of having a surveillance camera

The cameras Security systems have two main functions, which are to deter potential intruders that they do not enter our property and that of detect if someone finally decides to sneak in.

Although they also have another series of advantages that perhaps you had not thought of, such as:

  • The fact that this type of device makes people in a house calmer is a psychological aspect to take into account and why it is convenient to buy a camera of this type.
  • Having the ability to see what happens when it detects something is extremely important, but having the ability to look when we want It’s also a really interesting college.
  • He sale price range in the market is wide, so they can be adapted to any type of economy.
  • Are cameras can be used indoorswhich will allow us to have certain areas or rooms controlled.
  • collect evidence of possible crimes making it possible for us to send them to the authorities in the event of a robbery or break-in.
  • The images captured by our cameras can even serve to demonstrate some kind of incident that has occurred, not only oriented towards security, but from another area that may have occurred.

In any case, we can consider certain disadvantagessince sometimes the installation is complex and it is not cheap either, it may be that we have privacy problems depending on where we focus or that the system can be invaded by hackers, something less likely, but that can happen.

There are more advantages, that is clear, but the disadvantages must also be taken into account so that the purchase is the best possible.

Aigostar Cameraseufy Camera

Types of security cameras

Currently, there are various types of security cameras that we should know in order to have all the possible data and choose those that best match what we are looking for.

They are of different types, with different characteristics and capacities, but this does not mean that the specifications of some cannot be included in others, so it is best to know all the possibilities, but knowing that some facets are not exclusive.

indoor cameras

They are the simplest What can we find in the market? the cheapest.

They are the ones that are dedicated to working in closed areas, so they do not have any type of protection, since they do not need it. This does not mean that they are not advanced, since there are many with many interesting features.

cameras with movement

They are often used in large spaces in which there is a security center with a person who is monitoring all the images.

Are robotic cameras They have pan, tilt and zoom movement, which is essential if you are watching and see something suspicious.

Reolink LumusieGeek Surveillance Camera

Infrared cameras or night vision

These types of cameras are those that are used when there is little light. There are those that are explicitly dedicated to this fact, but it is also an extra that they have interior, exterior, movement and other types of cameras.

When the light falls they begin to operate infrared with black and white visionaided by LED technology.

In addition to being used for the home as an outdoor camera, for example, for greater security, this type can also be part of a CCTVwhich is nothing more than a closed circuit television within a video surveillance system.

hidden cameras

This type of cameras, also known as spy guyThey are mainly used to monitor establishments, offices or businesses, although it can also be placed at home.

The main feature is that should go unnoticed and that is why it is hidden as best as possible, posing as another type of accessory or even placing itself inside another.

IP cameras

IP cameras are those that connect directly to the Internet showing the image wirelessly.

They are valid for all kinds of places and for all kinds of situations, since many of them include other types of cameras that we have already seen, such as those with night vision, zoom and can be moved, among others.

They are the most sold, since their installation does not cause any type of problem as they do not have cables. In addition, we will see or record the images in real time and all this wirelessly through an Internet IP address.

anti-vandal cameras

They are used in areas where They may suffer some kind of vandalism.

They are prepared to withstand some type of aggression, since they have a fixed casing and that provides a lot of resistance in case they receive serious blows.

They are usually in public places or establishments that may need them.

wireless cameras

Although it may seem that they are the same as IP cameras, the truth is that they work thanks to the router that we have at home and the WiFi signal.

They are usually those that are used in security cameras. baby or child monitoring.

outer cameras

These types of cameras, which are currently usually of the IP type, are designed to withstand all types of adverse weather (rain, wind, snow, etc.), so they are the ones that are placed in areas outside the home or office.

They are not the cheapest and, although there are wired ones, they are usually wireless, and used in outdoor spaces. When we buy an outdoor camera, the price is usually more expensive, mainly because of the protective casing.

all-in-one cameras

There are models that are for both indoors and outdoors, that use WiFi and can connect to mobile phones, both Android and iOS, or to the computer to see what is happening in real time.

As usual, this type of camera is not cheap, but it is the most versatile of all. In any case, as we have already told you, many of them can be combined with the others, to offer higher quality cameras.


Image quality

Once we know what all the types of cameras are, we only have to be a little clearer about everything that is image quality that they can offer us.

We must be clear that the image quality is something very important, since it will be what marks if we receive a good transmission in our security camera.

You will see it much clearer in the following table:

Nomenglaturas Resolution Quality
QCIF 176×120 Low
CIF 352×240 Low
4CIF 640×480 Low
D1 720×480 Low
720p/HD 1280×720 Half
1.3MP 1280×1024 Half
1080p/Full HD 1920×1080 Good
2MP 1600×1200 Good
3MP 2048×1536 Good
5MP 2592×1944 Good
4K 3840×2160 Very good
10MP 3648×2752 Very good
12MP 4000×3000 Very good
UHD / 33MP 7680×4320 Excellent

With everything we have told you already have much more information about what security cameras are like, so you will be able to acquire one that suits what you need without the slightest problem.

The security camera you want is waiting for you to buy it, and now you know where and how to find it.

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