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Everything you need to know before buying a USB hub

Surely the fact of running out of USB ports on the computer has happened to all of us at some point, especially if it is a laptop, since this type of device usually carries less than a desktop one.

At that time, we only have two solutions left: disconnect what we already have connected to replace it with the ones we need, or somehow increase the number of USB ports that our computer has.

The easiest and simplest way to get more ports is to purchase a USB hub, a solution to have several more connection options.

In the end, with this solution what we are going to achieve is that using a single port on the computer we will have several USB or other types of connection systems at our disposal.

The outputs that USB hubs allow us do not have to be USB ports, but can also come with HDMI, charging, card readers, etc.

When we decide to buy this type of device, we realize that there are so many options available, that we are not very sure which of them to choose.

We will try to give you all the information possible so that you can make that decision without any problem.

Buy a USB hub:

USB hub for USB-C or USB-A

Currently, in the market we can differentiate two types of USB hub, such as those that connect to a USB Type-C port from our computer or those who do it to a USB-A port.

Obviously at first this is going to be set by our own team, but if we have both options to be able to use them, the logical thing would be to use USB-C because it is faster. There are manufacturers such as, for example, Apple in their MacBooks, which only use this type of port, discarding type A.

In conclusion, the first thing we have to look at is to which port of our computer we are going to connect the USB hub and from there decide.


The outputs of the USB hub

Both the number of outlets and the type vaa depend a lot on what our needs will be. If what we are going to use mostly are USB-A ports, we must look for a hub where this type of connection is the majority and the great protagonist.

Everything will depend on what we want to have more prominence, but it is also true that it is always good to have other additional ports in case we are going to need them at any given moment.

It must be taken into account that in a USB hub we can have HDMI outputsthe two types of usb, card readers, RJ45 port (the one you use for the Internet), loading portetc.

Something that is also important to know is that lately there are several USB hubs on the market that also come with power adapters that plug into the wall.

It is another type of system that we can use to charge mobile devices on the same adapter, but because of which we are going to lose one of the most interesting characteristics that this type of device has, how is portability.

USB 3.0

USB Technologies

Another thing that we must pay attention to is that there are currently several types of USB ports that determine the Transfer speed What are you going to have about the computer?

As is evident, we advise that at least we have a USB 3.0since version 2.0 can be considered obsolete due to its low speeds.


Design is important too

Although the design is not something that we should look at in terms of the final operation of this type of device, it is true that some of these gadgets are very attractive and they look really great with a computer, especially if it’s portable.

There are models in which they are connected by means of a cable and then what is the USB hub appears, but others are integrated directly into what is the chassis of the computer itself, appearing as if they are part of the device itself.

In addition, in this sense we must also look at what is the distribution of the different ports of departureto verify that they are in the way that suits us best, since if this is not the case, it is best to look for another model, within the huge number of them that are currently for sale.


Manufacture and materials

As is normal, we must also look at the materials with which the USB hub is built and not precisely because it is prettier or less.

In these types of devices materials are important because of heat transfersince we are talking about small elements where we are going to connect several cables at the same time and, therefore, they should be able to cool as well as possible so as not to have any type of problem.

Typically, these adapters have plastic or aluminum housingsalthough if you allow us the paragraph, our opinion is that you opt, if possible, for one of this last material.



Lastly, we need to talk about what dimensions are, something that is really more subjective, what something truly relevant.

We talk about subjectivity why It will depend on what and where we are going to place the USB hub. If we are going to place it permanently on the table and from there it is not going to move, we will really not care about the parameters such as weight or dimensions.

In the event that it is a device that we always carry with us in the laptop bag, that is where it will make more sense, that it is not excessively large and that it can be fairly light.

Lemorele Hub

The problem is that if we need, for example, many USB-A ports, the dimensions are going to be more or less large, whether we like it or not.

With all that you have been able to read in this article and the information that we have provided, you will surely be able to buy a USB hub that will adapt to what you need and to the computer where you are going to place it.

We would be delighted if you would tell us what your choice has been and for that we offer you to leave us any comments about it or other topics, on our social networks.

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