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Electric Grills: Tips and Guide to Buying an Electric Barbecue

Article updated on February 14, 2023 – We have added improvements in the visibility and usability of the guide and also new electric grills in stock.

Little by little, electric grills have been gaining popularity in recent years, offering versatility beyond the reach of barbecues. They can be used indoors and outdoors and above all they dirty much less.

Maybe we want to go out into the garden to put the grill on the table, or have a barbecue with friends. Although gas or coal models have lagged somewhat behind and, currently, the electric versions offer us certain advantages.

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But before listing these advantages, we are going to make a series of definitions. We have to know what an electric grill consists of to launch ourselves to acquire one, and what you should know before choosing.

  1. What is an electric grill?
  2. Is it easy to use an electric grill?
  3. What extra functions can electric grills have?
  4. Advantages and Disadvantages of an Electric Grill
  5. best electric grills
  6. But which one do I decide?

What is an electric grill?

An electric grill is an appliance that has different temperature levels. You can grill food, but also brown, grill or perform different functions, which depends on the model. But they are all based on the idea of ​​cooking through the heat that a grill emits.

They are easy to clean and usually require little storage space.. These appliances have a series of plates that come with a non-stick coating. Under these, a resistance that is found throughout its cooking area, located under the grills, is what emits the heat that will make the grill cook the food.

Air conditioners installed on a facade

Besides, many have a removable tray in which the fat is deposited, facilitating its cleaning. It also makes it much healthier, since we avoid harmful fats.

Despite the fact that many people have turned to household appliances such as fryers without oil or kitchen robots, as is the case with the Lidl model, barbecues continue to be the queens of summer and spring.

Is it easy to use an electric grill?

Using an electric grill is very simple. The appliance must be on a flat surface and connected to the electrical current. It is advised that the electric grill is turned off, despite being plugged in. This is because when we have everything ready, we can turn it on and choose the temperature we want, which will be reached very quickly.

When the desired temperature has been reached, food with a milder flavor should begin to cook.. In this way, each food will maintain its original flavor without sticking to the taste of other stronger foods. Be careful not to burn that steak.

Lidl grill

In general, most grills have a temperature gauge. It is very useful to avoid having to open the lid to know if it is ready to cook.

Also, there may be modes for different foods. The same temperature is not used for meat as for seafood, for example. If you want to make good steaks, it is advisable to reach 300 degrees.

Some models feature a temperature recovery mode. This causes the heat to return to its peak quickly when you lift the lid. The most efficient electric grills carry this type of technology.

Electric grill

There are also different security modes, which turn off the grill when nothing has been on it for a while. There are even models with timers that can be disconnected when the stipulated time is reached.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Electric Grill

These appliances have a series of pros and cons that can make you prefer one type of grill or another. To begin with, let’s go with its strengths.

Electric grills only need a plug to work. By running on electricity, we can forget about mineral fuels and propane. In addition, its price is also usually lower than traditional models.

They also have the advantage that they hardly use cooking oil, which is undoubtedly more beneficial for health.. An aspect that must always be valued. With an electric grill, food is cooked in its own juices, not only is it healthier, it also makes it taste better. It can even be good if you are looking to lose weight.

Being electric and having a lid, it is very difficult for there to be accidents. Electric grills are much safer for adults and children. By the way, they can also be used throughout the year, since we do not depend on outdoor use by not creating those smokes.

Its cleanliness is also a point in favor. The plates are usually removable and cleaning them is easy. Some models even allow you to put the plates in the dishwasher, which is a breakthrough..

Lidl multifunctional grill

But all that glitters is not gold. It also has a number of drawbacks to keep in mind.. Being one of them a very negative point for the most foodies. Does not recreate the classic charcoal or gas grilled flavor. By using electricity, you can’t get that distinctive flavor of a traditional barbecue or grill.

Before we said as an advantage that it only needs a plug to work, but this is also a drawback. As we absolutely need a plug, we cannot use the grill anywhere. This makes it not ideal if you want to take it out when camping, for example.

In addition, its energy consumption is shooting high. If used consistently, it can increase electricity bills. Therefore, although they are an economic investment as they are cheaper, their consumption increases the cost over time.

Best electric grills to buy

We have selected some of the different types of electric barbecues that you can find in various stores, such as Amazon or Media Markt, and attacking different price segments.

There is a bit of everything, with models that even stay below 300 euros in the most basic models.

One of the differences that must be established is between indoor and outdoor grills. Obviously you can use them wherever you want, but for example the ones with legs are designed to be used in the patio.

  1. Cecotec PerfectSteak 4200 Way
  2. OK OSG 3210
  3. Aigostar Lava Pro 30RRD
  4. Cecotec Perfect Country 2000 EasyMove
  5. Tefal GC7148
  6. Weber Q2400

Cecotec PerfectSteak 4200 Way

Cecotec PerfectSteak 4200 Way

Cecotec PerfectSteak 4200 Way

Perfect Steak 4200 Way

Tabletop electric barbecue with a power of 24000 W and 3-level adjustable height

This tabletop model is ideal for indoors and outdoors, and is also surprisingly cheap. It has a tray to collect the fat and an easily washable grid.

It is true that its size is not too large, so depending on how many people you want to invite, it will work for you or not, but it is ideal if you want to use it on your terrace and store it later without taking up much space.

It has 2400W of power and has three intensity levels that you can choose from.

OK OSG 3210

OK OSG 3210

OK OSG 3210

Another quite affordable model, very similar to the previous one, but in its case with legs to use it as if it were a conventional barbecue, ideal for your patio or garden,

It has 2000W of power, which is more than enough to cook meat, vegetables or fish quickly and also over low heat if you prefer.

The legs are removable, so if you want you can also use it as a tabletop electric grill.

Aigostar Lava Pro 30RRD

Aigostar Lava Pro

Lava Pro 30RRD

Lava Pro 30RRD-1676283971518

This 2000W electric barbecue has removable legs and is ideal for outdoors, as well as having a very low price for everything it offers.

Aigostar is a brand specialized in cheap household appliances, and of course, they also sell not one but several electric grills. One of them is the Lava Pro 30RRD.

It has removable legs and also a metal tray not only to collect fat, but also to fill it with water and steam it, much healthier.

It quickly reaches 200 degrees, a good temperature for cooking, although you can also turn the thermostat to the temperature you prefer.

Cecotec Perfect Country 2000 EasyMove

Cecotec PerfectCountry 2000 EasyMove

Cecotec PerfectCountry 2000 EasyMove

Cecotec Perfect Country 2000 EasyMove-1676284316370

Multifunctional electric barbecue that can be used as a grill, griddle, griddle and convection oven. It has a large cooking surface and an adjustable temperature so you can cook all foods…

Giving a great leap in quality and price we come to a much more complete model of electric barbecue, one from the Spanish Cecotec that you can find in several stores.

In its case, the grill is made of non-stick cast aluminum and larger than in previous models. It also has two side trays to place sauces and accessories if you need it, as well as a lid to cook food as if it were an oven.

The wheels are attached to the steel legs, ideal for moving the BBQ from one place to another in the house or patio.

Tefal GC7148

Tefal GC7148

Tefal GC7148

Tefal GC7148-1676285285630

This grill is practically smart. It adjusts the temperature according to the thickness of the food and comes with many pre-set programs.

If you are a fan of well-done meat and golden vegetables as it should be, this Tefal model is surely one of the best purchases, but it also comes with accessories for cooking pizzas or lasagna, among other things.

It is autonomous because it can adjust the temperature of the grill depending on the thickness of the meat to make it to the point that you select.

On top of all that, it comes with pre-set programs for cooking burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausages, steaks, and fish.

Weber Q2400

Weber Q2400

Weber Q2400

Weber Q2400

Host large parties with friends in your garden around this large electric grill. Up to nine portions of food that you can enjoy in company.

If you are a fan of barbecues, surely you know the Weber brand, one of the leaders in the sector worldwide. They also have their own electric grills.

The Weber Q2400 is not exactly cheap, but it is ideal for cooking practically any type of food, especially grilled meat.

The griddle is made of vitrified cast iron, so if you know how to use it, you will end up with a much tastier result than any other alternative.

But which one do I decide?

As you can see, there are many variants between the two electric grill options. If you have an external place to make large barbecues, an outdoor grill can be an ecological solutionhealthy and cheap to make a meal with friends.

If you want to use more from time to time and you don’t have a place to grill the meat outdoors, indoor electric grills are your best friends. More collections in size, but also with a multitude of options and different prices to pay attention to.

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In the end, the decision depends on what you want to spend and the options you have around you. From ComputerHoy we can only show you its advantages in terms of comfort, time and cost. They are a good investment and a technological and ecological advance. Do not hesitate and enjoy this summer making a good barbecue thanks to the power of electricity.

Remember that you can also find out the latest news about household appliances with us. Maybe we can help you improve your life.

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