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Electric car dictionary: terms and concepts from A to Z


When looking for information about electric carssurely on more than one occasion you have wondered what such disparate terms as PHEV, WLTP autonomy either CHADEMO. The change that the world of four wheels will experience will also be accompanied by a wide range of words, concepts and denominations that you have never heard of until now, and for this we have prepared this dictionary from A to Z of the electric car.

Regardless of whether we are talking about electric cars, electric motorcycles, hybrid cars or any other type of vehicle powered by a battery, we can assure you that Knowing these types of terms will help you move with much more ease in the future of the engine. In this way, when you read -for example- our e-Golf test or our adventure with the Tesla Model X P100D, you will understand much better what we are talking about.

Of the TO the zthere are many words that are repeated repeatedly when talking about the electric mobility. Let us compile the most important concepts in this article, and don’t be caught by surprise by the arrival of the electrical! So that this dictionary is as complete as possible, we have also included terms and concepts related to alternative fuel cars.

Terms and concepts that you should take into account in an electric car, from A to Z

  • TO

  • Amp: is the unit of electric current intensity
  • Autonomy: distance a car can travel on a full charge
  • AutonomyNEDC: New European Driving Cycle. European homologation cycle to assess how many kilometers the vehicle can travel without losing the battery
  • AutonomyJC08: same as above but in Japan
  • AutonomyEPA: same as NEDC but in USA
  • WLTP autonomy: Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure. New analysis to check the real autonomy of an electric vehicle (or at least try to get as close as possible)

What is the WLTP emissions cycle, and why is it important for electric cars?

  • B.

  • BMS: battery management system. Check that the battery is in good condition at all times
  • BEV: battery electric vehicle, is the same as saying “100% electric car”.
  • Bifuel: that uses two different fuels, for example: gas and gasoline
  • C.

  • Battery capacity: It is measured in kWh (Kilowatt hours)
  • CHADEMO: it is a fast charging connector, it reaches up to 62.5 kW
  • CCSeither Combined Charging System, another fast charging connector. It is present in electric cars from brands such as Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler, Tesla or Ford, and the goal is to allow charging speeds of up to 350 kW to be reached.

The charging cable guide for electric cars: Mennekes, CCS, CHAdeMo, Schuko…

  • charging posts: single-phase (normal charge), three-phase (fast charge) or CHAdeMO (of Japanese origin and are ultra fast)
  • induction charging: a technology that allows charging a battery without the need for cables
  • load types: normal (Schuko or 2.3 kW), Green Up (3.1 kW), WallBox (3.3 kW up to 7.5 kW), Semi-rapid (7.5 kW up to 22 kW) and fast (from 50 kW).
  • charging power: is equal to volts times amps
  • AND

  • EREV: extended range electric vehicle. Basically it is the same as an electric car but it also has an internal combustion engine
  • F

  • VEGF: Hydrogen fuel cell electric cars
  • regenerative braking: the battery is recharged when you step on the brake or lift off the accelerator, generating electrical energy through retention
Parking for electric car on the street
  • h

  • HEV: Hybrid electric vehicle. The battery is recharged thanks to regenerative braking or thanks to the internal combustion engine itself
  • k

  • Kilowatt: 1 kW or 1000 watts
  • kilowatt power: in many electric cars, the power is indicated in kW: you just have to know that 1 kW of power is equivalent to 1,341 motor horsepower. For example: 110 kW of power is equivalent to about 150 HP.

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Electric car dictionary: terms and concepts from A to Z

  • m

  • MOVEA plan: old aid plan for the purchase of an electric vehicle…
  • … the new one is called MOVALT. You have information about the last game here
  • P

  • engine torque: It is measured in Nm (Newton meter), and it is the moment of force exerted by an engine on the power transmission shaft. Electric vehicles generally have much higher torque than their comparable combustion models.
  • PHEVeither Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle: car that moves with two different energies and that combines two or more motors
  • W

  • Wallbox: charging point specifically designed for charging electric vehicles

We hope you have learned the fact that you did not know, but if after searching at ourcomplete electric car guide You haven’t found the concept you needed, let us know and we’ll add it! This dictionary will be updated periodically over time.


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