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Cecotec oil-free fryer: models, differences and which one to buy


Article updated on February 1 to add two new very original models: the Cecofry Dual 9000 and the Cecofry Experience Window 6000.

There is no doubt that since the first air fryer appeared (air fryer) have not stopped having a leading role, until reaching the last few years where they have experienced real sales success.

And it is that getting a device to be capable of frying with hardly any oil is something that attracts all users due to the healthy nature of the concept. We say with hardly any oil, because the name “without oil” is not entirely correct, since it contains something (in some cases a tablespoon), otherwise it would be impossible to give it the right balance.

This cooking with hardly any fat is what attracts users so much and if there is a brand where the variety of devices of this type is enormous, that is Cecotec, which has known how to take advantage of this technology like no one else.

Table of Contents:

  1. What should we look for to buy the ideal one for us?
  2. Types of fryers: Cecotec has a choice
  3. Drawer or front bin
  4. top opening
  5. Multifunction (oven type)


  1. Cecofry Dual 9000
  2. Cecofry Experience Window White 6000
  3. Cecofry Compact Rapid
  4. Cecofry Advance
  5. Cecofry Advance Precision
  6. Cecofry Full Stainless 5500
  7. Turbo Cecofry 4D
  8. Bake&Fry 2500 Touch
  9. Bake&Fry Touch

What should we look for to buy the ideal one for us?

It is clear that we must be aware of our needs and also of our budget, so it is best to be clear about the characteristics that we must observe before buying a fryer without oil.

Each parameter is important and the union of all can help us to spend money on the best option for us.

  • Budget: We must always keep it in mind and set a maximum to be clear. Once this is completely decided, the rest will be much easier.
  • Design: this is the most subjective part of all, but it is relevant, after all, each one must choose the one that they physically like the most, taking into account that when opting for a Cecotec fryer, quality is assured.
  • Size: This is one of the characteristics that should interest you the most for a simple fact of space. We must be clear about where we are going to place the fryer and know if the one we are interested in fits.
  • Ability: capacity is also essential, since the deposit should be sufficient at least for the people who live in the same house, unless there are many of us.
  • Power: There is nothing more exact, the more power the more cooking speed.
  • Energy efficiency: a little in reference to the previous point, we can analyze what its energy efficiency is, since perhaps it compensates us to have a little less power, but that it consumes much less.
  • Cleaning: Being easy to clean is valuable, especially if you have any parts that can go straight into the dishwasher.
  • functions: This will depend on the type of fryer that we choose, something that we are going to see right now, since there are those that are also ovens with different types of functions. This will all depend on whether you need such a device or not.
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Types of fryers: Cecotec has a choice

Within the world of fryers there are several types according to their opening and their functions. Cecotec has representatives of all of themso you can choose the one you like the most from its catalog, since there is no selection left out.

We can divide fryers without oil into those with Drawer, Top opening or Multifunction.

Drawer or front bin

They are those that open on the front of the device by pulling a handle, so that the deposit where we must put the food to cook can be seen. They are usually opaque, that is, we will not be able to look at the food while it is cooking.

Most of these fryers come with this system and usually have the buttons on the front, just above the basket.

Cecofry Dual 9000

Cecotec Cecofry Dual 9000

The Cecofry Dual 9000 is one of the latest releases, one that goes a little further than all the others, with a double basket of 4.5L each, which adds up to enough capacity to cook quite large portions.

In addition, the design is resistant, in stainless steel and with a touch screen, so you can intuitively navigate its menus and predefined programs.

With this fryer, for example, you can cook meat and potatoes at the same time, killing two birds with one stone and saving energy in the process.

Cecofry Experience Window White 6000

Cecotec A Cecofry Experience Window 6000

There is no doubt that among the Cecotec air fryers, this model is one of the most original, and it is also not expensive at all since it does not even reach 100 euros.

Its most striking feature is the window that it incorporates in the front area of ​​the basket, which allows you to see how the food is doing and if it is already sufficiently cooked or not.

You will know that many fryers require, yes or yes, to open the basket several times to see how the potatoes or chicken are doing, an act that causes heat and energy to be lost. With this model, that doesn’t have to happen.

The capacity is 6 liters, so it doesn’t fall short in that regard either.

Cecotec Cecofry Compact Rapid

Cecotec Compact Rapid White

Cecotec Cecofry Compact Rapid

Cecotec has several models that are included in this type of fryer without oil. The model Cecotec Cecofry Compact Rapid It is the most affordable of all, since its price is 49.90 euros.

We are talking about a fryer that allows you to cook with just a tablespoon of oil, with exceptional results thanks to the PerfecCook technology, with which we can fry up to 400 grams of potatoes in its container of 1.5 liters, in addition to incorporating time and temperature programming. There are different variants of this model.

Cecotec Cecofry Advance

Cecotec CecoFry Advance Inox

Cecotec Cecofry Advance

Another option that Cecotec has for an oil-free fryer of this type is the Cecofry Advance.

It has a bucket capacity of 3.5 liters, with a power of 1,500 W and using PerfectCook technology. In addition, it has 8 preset modes for certain foods, being programmable and with protection against overheating.

Cecotec Cecofry Advance Precision

Cecotec Cecofry Advance Precision

Cecotec Cecofry Advance Precision

There is another Cecotec model called Cecofry Advance Precision for a price of 120 euros more advanced.

It has a very large deposit of 5.5 litersa power of 1,700 W, PerfectCook technology, temperature range from 80 °C to 200 °C, 8 pre-set modes, programmable and overheat protection.

Cecotec Cecofry Full Inox 5500

Cecotec Cecofry Full Inox 5500

Cecotec Cecofry Full Inox 5500

Between the other two models there is an intermediate, Cecotec Cecofry Full Inox 5500 which has a popular price of only 79.90 euros.

It is an air fryer with a 5-liter bucket capacity, a power of 1,450 W and stainless steel finishes that are much easier to clean than plastic models.

top opening

Top opening fryers are those that open at the toplooking quite similar to those of a lifetime.

The operation is the same as the drawer ones, that is, hot air circulation with a little oil (one tablespoon the Cecotec range), but incorporating a rotating blade in this case. Also, they are usually transparent on top so we can see what is cooking.

Cecotec Turbo Cecofry 4D

Cecotec Turbo Cecofry 4D

Cecotec Turbo Cecofry 4D

At Cecotec we have the range Turbo Cecofry 4D as the exponents of this type of fryers.

They incorporate 4D Intelligent technology, a way of distributing heat throughout the 360 ​​degrees of the fuel tank. 3 liters. They have 8 preconfigured programs, with 2 cooking levels, being able to cook 7 dishes at the same time and with 1,350 W of power.

Multifunction (oven type)

This type is the most recent to hit the market and the one that covers the most of all, since it is not only a fryer, but also also has oven functions.

The design, in most cases, does not deceive that we are dealing with a device of this type, since they are usually square, just like conventional ovens.

The more oven functions it has, the more complete it will be, since in terms of frying it is similar to the others we have seen.

Cecotec Bake&Fry 2500 Touch and Bake&Fry Touch

Bake&Fry 2500 Touch

Cecotec Bake&Fry 2500 TouchCecotec Bake&Fry Touch

Inside Cecotec the Bake&Fry range It is the one chosen to house the 2 different models it has.

It has different capacities ranging from 12 to 30 liters, with powers from 1,700 to 1,800 W and some that have 9 functions and others that can hold 18 different ones.

how could you read Cecotec has a huge number of options As far as air fryers are concerned, you will have a lot to choose from and thus get the one that best suits your needs.

Which one have you stayed with? Tell us on our social networks.


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