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Buying advice for choosing the best SLR camera

Megapixels are overrated, in an SLR camera look at the type of sensor and ISO rangeYou don’t have to buy the latest model, the previous one usually has similar features at a cheaper priceDiscover these and other tips to buy the best SLR camera without spending money

Buy a reflex camera is not easy. The initial outlay that you will have to make is significant, not to mention the accessories and optics that you will want to add to your team as you hone your skills as a photographer. If you are looking for your first SLR camera, or dslr, don’t get hung up on the latest model. Probably the previous range will have some characteristicsSimilar and at a much more affordable price than the latest on the market.

Forget megapixels

At this stage all DSLRs offer enough megapixels for the use that you are going to make of your photos because, I suppose, you will not intend to print images for posters. It is better that you focus on other features, such as the sensor or the ISO sensitivity.

look at him sensor size. The most common in SLR cameras is the APS-C (22.2 x 14.8 mm in Canon, and 23.6 x 15.6 mm in the rest), although there are already affordable models with full frame (36 x 24 mm), or full format, which until recently was only used in professional cameras.

Also keep in mind that the sensor not only determines the quality of the image, but also the size of the camera. So the bigger the first, the bigger the second. This is one of the reasons why in compact models and mobile phones the sensors are smaller.

Don’t forget to check the ISO range, will be the one that determines the quality of the photos in low light conditions. Also keep in mind that if you use a high ISO, you will see noise increase in the shot, especially in dark areas. It would also be interesting if you consult the burst fire speedespecially if you are going to take sports photos.

sensor type

light, lots of light

One of the advantages of SLR cameras is that you can choose between different optics depending on the type of photo you want to take or the result you want to achieve. Usually the lens that is included in the kit is not usually the best, but it is enough to start. You will have time later to expand your team.

In optics, what determines quality is its luminosity, identified with the “f number”. The smaller this is, the better the objective and also the more expensive. Fixed focal lengths are better than zooms., but without a doubt the latter are more versatile and the most suitable option for beginners. Check if they have stabilizeressential when it comes to long focal lengths.

Depending on the SLR you buy, you can use some objectives or others since All camera mounts are not the same. In addition to those of the manufacturer itself, there are brands that sell compatible optics, such as tamron, Sigma either Tokina. You will see that many lenses are more expensive than your camera body, so you should take it as an investment: even if you change your SLR, you can continue using them, as long as you don’t change brands, of course (something that doesn’t usually happen).

Canon lens line

Don’t forget to…

Before buying your reflex, go to a reputable store and hold it with your hands. Although on paper all the features of the camera will convince you, the ultimate test is whether you feel comfortable with it. If so, then you have made the right choice. If not, it is better that you consider other options and manufacturers.

And here arises one of the eternal questions: Nikon or Canon? Both are equally good and their trajectories in the photography market speak for themselves. The important thing, as I said above, is that you feel comfortable when you pick up your camera. There are other brands like sony either pentaxwhich you can also take a look at.

Discover which are the best SLR cameras for beginners for less than 500 euros

And finally, before leaving the store with your camera it is advisable that you also buy an ultraviolet filter. This is a way to protect the lens from possible blows or splashes. Although you should know that it can take away some light, so whenever you can, remove it when you take a photo.

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